Thursday 12 February 2015

Pamphill vintage fair!

Good morning all

Well tomorrow is the Pamphill vintage fair and I am looking forward to it very much.  I have not been to a fair since before Christmas and it seems an age ago.  I was talking to another friend of mine who does lots of vintage fairs, Hesta Nesta , and she was saying she is ready for the 2015 fairs and has missed them over the Christmas and January period.

When you are a regular to all these events and you become friendly it is not just the selling and buying but the friendships made along the way... I have made some lovely friends and all like minded people, they understand when I say things like " I just had to take that piece of fabric out of the drawer to stroke it before getting on with my day" which is wonderful because some of my long term friends smile sweetly at me but really do not understand my love .... that is until they see something I am making and want to buy it!!!!

There will be stalls to tempt all with fabrics, buttons, threads, lace, motifs and china and so much more.... I will be able to catch up with friends and buy some vintage goodies...

Pamphill Village Hall
Abbott Street
BH21 4ED

9.30 - 3pm

There is a tearoom as well ( very civilised) and only 50 pence entry fee so that is a bargain.

I know for a fact that The washerwoman stall will be there and Vintage to Victorian as well as other lovely stalls to tempt all!

Pamphill is a beautiful place and has a wonderful Farm shop, butchers and a antique shop plus a small pretty shop selling some vintage and some new and of course a cafe/restaurant that sells light foods and drinks......  this is a place worth seeking out this weekend if you are not too far.

I will take photos and post them next week on here for you all to see.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching!

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