Sunday 22 February 2015

Antique embroidery book find.... An American Beauty!

Such a wonderful find with a small hidden treasure inside.

I was having a sneaky peek on Ebay under the heading antique embroidery books and came across a little beauty.  I put my bid in and joy of joy I won it!!  It has arrived all carefully wrapped in tissue and it was even more stunning in the flesh!
The cover is enough to please most of us who love stitchery and embroidery as you can see.  It is an American book and I am so happy that it has come to live with me.

I carefully opened the first page and started to look through at embroidery hints, vintage adverts for cottons and threads and then as I turned the page a little vintage treasure was tucked inside much to my absolute delight!
A small little flower embellishment was hiding with in the pages.  I love finding little things in books, it makes me wonder who put it there and all the possibilities that go with someone like myself who has such an  imagination.  I bought a antique poetry book and inside was a pressed flower and that got me to thinking about who had owned the book and what this flower must have meant to someone or who was it who gave it to them......

The details in this dear little book are so lovely, such as the story of the silk worm, and where it is native to as well as all about when the worms are born and their eating habits and advertising Richardson's spools of silk.  

It has a section on laundering embroidered linens as well as a section on some embroidery stitches with tent stitch, simple cross stitch, persian cross stitch, herringbone, fancy herringbone stitch, brier stitch, cat stitch, clover stitch and coral stitch as well.  Then there are colour photos of finished embroidered flowers to gaze upon.

The photos are beautiful and the book has been perfectly preserved ......  I am indeed a very
happy buyer.

Happy Stitching!

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