Monday 16 February 2015

All the fun of the vintage fair!!

Vintage buttons, fabrics, crochet, threads, china in baskets, ribbons and more!

As you all know I attended the first of this seasons vintage fairs and it was held at Pamphill, Wimborne in Dorset!  This is around 10 miles away from where I live and so off I set to attend this first of many this year.

What an event Elaine who organised it did so extremely well.  The stall where all brimming with such goodies that it made peoples eyes go wide.
 There was also a wonderful little coffee and cake shop tucked in the corner as you arrived in the hall.  The lady running it was serving tea and coffee and some really beautiful home made cakes, of which I had a piece of the chocolate one and it was beautiful.  The hall had been decorated inside and out with fabric bunting and the place was buzzing with great stalls and buyers...

There were cloths on the tables and flyer's for the up and coming events for people to collect and take away with them and the when people were walking in you could see the excitement on there faces.

There were lots of beautiful stalls selling all manner of items.

This stall caught my eye with all the beautiful vintage buttons for sale as well at lots of other goodies.  This lady Leonore Holder also has an on line store

The stock on this stall was over whelming and I came away with some stunning mother of pearl buttons for a Wedding sampler that I will be working in soon.

Vintage to Victorian  was in attendance along with the Washerwoman both selling some wonderful antique fabrics and other goodies.  There were Welsh blankets, and tiny childs nightgowns and dresses all antiques and in muslin for only £5!

There were threads, pegs and vintage monogram stencils along with some gorgeous pieces of antique quilts.  Sue who own Vintage to Victorian also has a shop within Dairy House near Shaftesbury.......

There was Tilly D and Jenny Jones who both had wonderful stalls and the array of items was incredible.  There were old suitcases, fabrics, china and the china along with vintage magazines tied with string to carry home.  The temptation was endless. 

Quilts piled on painted ladders with vintage eiderdowns and cushions made from stunning vintage fabrics. I actually bought a beautiful crochet covered cushion for my stitchery room on my chair along with two stunning small cushions with antique linen, lace and buttons on..... the choice was endless.

People of Wimborne and the surrounding area were heaving into the hall all with the intention of buying and they did.....

The fair started officially at 9.30am but the line of people queued outside by before 9am was staggering, all waiting to see what goodies they could procure for themselves.  Lots of people were buying blankets, quilts, cushions for their homes and wanting vintage beauty instead of the modern mass produced stuff in the big department stores, it was so wonderful to see us all turning back the clock to a time where things were crafted not mass produced and they were hungry to own some history ......

People had armfuls of loveliness and going to their cars and back inside it was crazy in a wonderful way... Pictures and vintage linen hearts flying out the door along with kitchens utensils and china.

The tables were becoming bare by 11.30am and the fair did not close until 3.30pm ......

I have picked up lots of leaflets of all the shows coming up in the next couple of months and they are all over the country.  If you do not live in Dorset please do not dispair.

I will be making sure you are all in the know when I am of up and coming events, this one was however a great start to the vintage season and shows us all how popular vintage has become.  Some of the ladies who were there were buying materials to make their own bits for the their homes, however there were lots of them who do not stitch and really wanted to buy products made by Artisan makers, bespoke made and up cycled for their homes.

As you can see from the photos there was plenty to choose from and when you had finished a lovely drink and slice of homemade cake was very very welcome.

I am now looking forward to my next fair.  Watch this space for some details coming up in the coming weeks ahead.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at the kick off to the vintage fair season........

Happy Stitching!!


  1. wowie, thanks for such a fab write-up Sarah.
    It was really great to meet you n Saturday, hope to catch you again at other fairs.
    Keep on Stitching!
    Elaine x

  2. Thank you Elaine it was so good to meet you too! The fair was really great. Hope to see you at the VB. X

  3. Any fairs like this planned for South Wales please, pretty please

  4. Chris I will ask around my contacts and let you know asap.