Tuesday 17 February 2015

A stunning rare find .....

child's/dolls eiderdown quilt.

Take a look at my wonderful find.  It is a tiny eiderdown.  There is hand embroidery on it as well as the most stunning of fabrics and beige silk. It is either a child's crib eiderdown or indeed one made for dolls in a wealthy family home.  Personally I think it is for a child as a dolls one would be smaller.  It measures 30 x 20 inches and it really beautiful.

It is circa 1930 and when I got it not only did it smell badly but the colours were hidden buy dirt. 
So I took the bull by the horns and washed the feather eiderdown in special rose and cedar delicate wash liquid and then watched the years of dirt disappear....  You need to dry them quickly and not on a line where feathers that are wet will sink to a corner....  when it was dry and all plump and utterly beautiful once more I gave it a light spray with rose and cedar so that it would smell even more wonderful and repel moths as well.

The results are outstanding and I am very pleased with my very rare find indeed.

Across the miniature eiderdown there are little embroidery circles with the middle cut out and it really does look so pretty.
 The details on this beauty enhance an already perfect thing.  The colours are a delicate beige and reds with all the beauty that only vintage hues can bring.

I am not sure if this will be for sale yet as I am indeed taking the bull by the horns and later this year attending a vintage fair myself with inspiration packs, buttons and vintage goodies as well as some of my own embroidered and applique work ( pictures and samplers and more) So it may well be on my stall..... I think this would look wonderful in a nursery and would be a wonderful future heirloom...

What do you think?

Happy Stitching!


  1. I remember sleeping under eiderdowns like this as a child - how I wish I still had them!!

  2. Gill

    Eiderdowns are warm yet light not to weigh you down. Its a lovely child hood memory.

    I have two singles in my own collection and I think they are stunning.
    Nice to have you back, you have been missed.