Thursday 5 February 2015

Needle Felted Pumpkin Tutorial 1: The Body by Sarafina Fiber Art

Plump pumpkins
To decorate with or use as a pin cushion.....

Some of you are really enjoying the needle felting and I have seen 3 tutorials on making amazing pumpkins..... Now they are quirky videos but oh boy it shows you what can be achieved and techniques that you can apply to general needle felting as well...

These guys are on facebook as well if you want to look them up.  I think this is an amazing craft and I do like to cover all sorts on here for everyone.  I always add the Homespun Stitchworks vintage twist to my work and everyone once they know the basics can achieve great things.

Here is a list of basics that you will need:

1.  Felting needles
2.  Felt supplies, merino wool and the core wool plus the curly tops.
3.  Felting sponge or bristle felting pad.

felting pad, you can get bristle ones too.

felting needles, you can get multi tools that have
several needles going at once... I think they
are a must....

These are curly tops pictured here, used for details.  Core wool is rough and cheaper than the merino top wool.  You start with the core wool ( this is rougher and cheaper and its what you make the body of what ever you are making with)  Then add the soft merino wool and then finally the curly top detail and for texture.
There are three of these tutorials for pumpkins but it teaches you so much about the tools and the products.... As I say it is a little quirky but make yourself a drink and enjoy..

I will feature tutorial 2 next week and tutorial 3 the week after.....

Happy Stitching and Felting!.....

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