Friday 6 February 2015

Memories stitched with love and stunning vintage fabrics!

My memories will be stitched with love.

It has been quiet a week at Homespun Stitchworks!  I have had to get things ready for publications and I have been awaiting things in the post....  The eyes have arrived for Bonnie bear and now it is a deciding process.  I bought several pairs as I knew what I did not use on her would get used on my next project.  I have got green, blue, violet and light and dark amber.... So now over the weekend there will be a choice to make.  In addition to that I want to start my next project on needle felting.

The snowy cold conditions outside this week have been beautiful to look at but I am just glad that I am inside in the warmth of my stitching room.  The little buds that were breaking the earth last week when the conditions went a little warmer told my Spring bulbs it was time to grow, are now slightly buried and I hope they survive....

I have been sorting out a little and have found some fabulous old pictures of family.  I have decided to make a small memory quilt with them.  I have found some of that fabric that you can put through a photocopier and then you have photos on fabric.  Then I can surround them with bits of vintage fabrics from delicious paisley patterns in a log cabin effect....  I want to give it a go.  I will need my husband to do the photo copying as he is better at such matters and he is a lot taller than me and can see what he is doing on it properly.  Our copier is in his office an on a shelf, me balanced precariously on a chair is not a greatest of  ideas!

On Sunday I think I will do a little sketch of this to see if it will work on paper like it has in my mind. I would like to do some embroidering of little flowers on there as well.  One of my other loves is history and genealogy and I have traced my fathers side back to 1600's and now I am doing my mothers side, they were very much military people on the male line and I am very interested in my maternal female line as well.... I think think this little quilt (possibly a wall hanging) will be a lovely edition to my finds. 

Today I am finishing off something that is for the craft book and then I have a commission to think about, It is quiet simply a sweeping up day for me.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and do not forget the stitch of the week tomorrow.  Next weekend it is the Pamphill vintage fair on Saturday and I am very much looking forward to it.

Keep warm and Happy Stitching!

This is a memory quilt, not one of mine and
I have no name for you to attribute it to but
this is the sort of thing I am talking about.  Look
at the pictures and what you can do with the 
photocopy paper ......... wish me luck!

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