Monday 2 May 2016

Welcome May ... and a few of my latest treasures

May brings flocks of pretty lambs
Skipping by their fleecy dams.

It is the beginning of May and I just can not believe we are already in the fifth month of the year already .. tiny bit frightening how the days and months are galloping along.

Well today is Bank Holiday and a long weekend for the most of us.

When you see these things and you would like and use them for either stitching or display depending on the vintage treasure you have found, then buy them as long as they are in your price range, because they may never present themselves again.

Firstly when I started Homespun Stitchworks and my love of vintage grew I walked away from things because of just starting out... now I look back and could kick myself for what I allowed to pace me by.

So when I found these beauties there was no hesitation in me for their price and I will use some of the threads in some delicate
embroidery and keep some as well in the original boxes.  As you can see there is a light beige and a mid brown and these will do nicely on some delicate stitching of flower type things like bull rushes.

They are Italian and in their original boxes and both are full .. not one is missing.

I also found at the same time some great red ribbon again from Italy and some blue glass flower beads as well, what a haul !!

As you can see the ribbon still is wrapped in its original paper ... I could not believe it.

I keep notes on how much I paid and if it was bought on line .. how much the postage was as well.  It keeps it easy when pricing a commission as to what I used and what to charge.

Life in my sewing room can be distracting when I go to a drawer or a box to fetch something and then I see other treasures like these, they have to come out to look at and be photographed to share with you as well.

I really can not wait to move and get a larger space for my sewing and for taking classes, then these bits will have more room to be seen as they should be.

Well as you can see I was slightly distracted yesterday when I sneaked in to find something (On a Sunday too!) and so this is why I am sharing with you today.  So now I must away as I am having a Bank Holiday too .. no stitching for me today!

If you are though .......... Happy Stitching!