Thursday 12 May 2016

Talent for Textiles ..... Deans Court, Wimborne.

Inspiration comes from keeping
 your eyes open .

Excitement is building here today and I have to say I am packed and ready to go.  I have been up with the larks as well. As you know we are off to Eridge today ... two vintage fairs in one week! heaven.....

I had a lovely few hours at the Talent for Textiles in Wimborne on Wednesday and met up with Jenny of Tilly-D fame.  We had arranged to do so as she was not stalling and was there on the hunt too and then we had a lunch and a catch up together before I visited my Mum for the afternoon. My Mum has been brilliant to me and has for a year or so stood and done all my ironing weekly to help me out.  I am afraid she can no longer do so and has given up her car.  So now I have to work my week around visiting her regularly ... after all she took care of me at one time and now its my turn to repay the compliment..

I had the day off really so did not go around taking photos of lots of things on the stalls but instead I have brought to you some snaps I took and of some the lovely people who were there and of course some things that I purchased in my treasure hunt will be next week.

I love looking at textiles, it is a tactile occupation.  I see things in patterns and textures and from a piece of beautiful fabric can come inspiration for my next project or idea.  I write and draw ideas in my journals for Nursery and Wedding samplers so that when someone approaches me I am able to listen to what they have in mind and sometimes already have a design ready to stitch, with a few tweeks...

It was raining when I got there but a light rain and when I got out of the car I could smell wild garlic and fresh cut grass it was incredible
to the senses ..  I walk along looking at the architecture of Deans Court house and the grounds plus some very cute goats who were up to all sorts of antics including climbing on top of large tree trunks that had been put there I believe for their amusement.

The textile marquee was bursting with textiles and inspiration and the happy atmosphere was electric.  Deans Court where it is held is surrounded by exquisite grounds and is beautiful.  The house and the gardens are stunning with a river running through it with wildlife & flowers in abundance.  There is also a little pop up café inside and out for refreshments but Jenny had a bit of a surprise for me up her sleeve (more later about that).

The lovely Liz and her husband Jack were there stalling of The Washerwoman fame and we had a chat and a catch up, they have become really lovely friends of ours and we have been lucky enough to go to their home and sit in their garden and have lunch before now. (Liz  top left in photo)  Followed by Hannah then Carole Wilson then Linda and Lizzie .... who organise and run this lovely event.

I saw lots of people that I knew but there were lots of different people who were stalling.  Donna Flower was not there this year as she is getting ready for Eridge this weekend and Sue of Vintage to Victorian was not stalling either but was there looking and buying and had a huge surprise for me (more about that later next week!)  So it was a lovely catch up.  The tent was full of people busy looking and buying and I bought some beautiful things to show you too.

Jenny was there looking and we decided to go our own way to treasure hunt then meet later.
Talent for Textiles is exactly what it say it is fabrics mostly with some ribbons, buttons, linens and few other treasures thrown in .. It was really lovely to just wander around.

Even though you are in a marquee full of people you can still here the birds singing and the soft tip tap of the rain.  The rain did not spoil the day at all and people just dressed accordingly and were happy to be there surrounded by gorgeous textiles ...  I picked up some beautiful things and then went off to search out my coffee buddy, Jenny.

Once found Jenny asked if I had ever been to The Squash Court café and shop , to which I replied I
had not ... We set off out of the marquee and across the vast lawns.  The rain had stopped and it was getting warm by now.  We walked through some woods on a footpath and to my amazement there it was.  It really is great and is just outside the grounds and gates of the main house.  It is open Tue - Sat 10am until 5pm and is worth a visit on its own.  I will be taking my mum there for a coffee and cake in a few weeks time, because I am not sure she knows it is there and she lives in Wimborne.  There are tables inside and out so depending on the weather or how you are feeling you can choose.  We sat just inside as there are large doors that open so you feel like you are outside anyway... we were not sure if it was going to rain again and did not want to grab our drinks and start running for the dry....

Jenny and I had coffee and some lunch there and chatted, laughed and generally caught up on each others lives and then we went into the shop to look around too.  There is some vintage in there as well as other items and we had a good look around.

It really was a lovely morning.  It was time to say goodbye and Jenny went to her car and I walked back through the wooded pathway and past the marquee, goats and the river to my car and headed off to my mum.

I am so pleased that I got to go to this vintage fair and it is one that is firmly in my diary not only because it is near to where I live but because it is a really great event.  If you have never been then it is worth going so look out for next years date....

Well I must be off as I am going to get some stitching in now for a few hours so I hope you have enjoyed having a peek into this vintage fair and my day off ... Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

The driveway out of Deans Court....


  1. Beautiful posts Sarah, have enjoyed catching up with all your adventures xxx

    1. Thank you! .. It has been busy on the fair front! .. Glad you enjoyed the posts.

      Sarah xx