Sunday 15 May 2016

Remember the dearest little embroidery pamphlet? .... well

The set is complete can you believe it!

Do you all remember the little transfer book I bought and it was number three in a series of eight?  I
told you all that I would like to find the rest to make the complete set?  Well this was the surprise that Sue of Vintage to Victorian fame had for me at Deans Court she had them and she sold them to me!  I am over the moon.  Take a look they are all here....  The cover of them all it the vintage lady stitching in her nightie but they are all there.  Beyond happy and again Sue thank you so much for this .....

Well would you all like to turn the pages a little in each one.  I have not included number 3 as that is the one I already had and there has already, as you know, been a blog on it....

So here is Book number one which is Flowers
and as you can see the transfers are all there.  I have just taken a few shots of some pages for you to look at.

Then there is book number 2 which is Toy Animals with lambs, chicks bursting from eggs, bunnies,
penquins,  dogs and pelicans as well ..... There are suggested colours  from anchor threads as in book three that I have which if you remember was Birds .. These are a delightful series and originally they were 1d each ...

Book number four is about Sports and again has all the complete transfers in that the original owner never used.    There are Cars, Planes, Greyhounds, Beach ball in water, Tennis and boats.  Along with the same colour suggestions for the embroidery of them on bags or shirts ..

Book number five is Fruit and Flowers and there is bouquet tied of flowers, four leaf clovers, then one that I can not quiet place more of a flower pattern I think, grapes, apples and flowers in a vase ...

What do you think (photo bottom left) a pattern of floral?

Book number six is Animals and there are fish, horse heads, squirrels, horse shoes, cats and cockerels ... Saying that you can symbolize your personality on your clothes or household linens ..

Book number seven  is Individual Interests and if you can remember I was very keen to find this one because of the ballet dancer which is pictured in book 3 with the letter S and I thought that would be a great one to stitch for me.  So in this book there are ballet dancers, windmills, lady with flowers, boats with a dragon head front, music notes and anchors.

I am so happy I have them all now but particularly Book number 7!

And lastly to complete the set Book number eight which is Popular Subjects  which have flower open border, hiker, grapes, sailor, thistles and soldier marching...

They are dear little pamphlet embroidery transfer books and obviously in conjunction with Anchor threads.  I am so very happy and love looking through them and hope you have as well.

So I will leave you with a picture of an S with a ballet dancer, and get on with my stitching.  I had the most wonderful weekend at Eridge and had so much fun and laughter as well as enjoyable treasure hunt and wander around.  I will bring all the fun of the fair to you later in the week when I have collated all the photos that I took for you.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow! Are you going to use them?
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Oh Julie I am so undecided .. Probably not except for a ballet dancer! ..
    I am so pleased! ..
    Sarah xxx