Monday 9 May 2016

Stitching away but not outside quite yet.

Spring is the time of year when
it is Summer in the Sun and
Winter in the Shade.

Charles Dickens.

Oh I am looking forward to doing hand embroidery outside again.  One day it is warmer the next it is
so very cold again (for me at least)  I am not sure any of you feel that way or it is the aftermath of me being so poorly for months earlier in the year.  It was warmer over the weekend but today its forcast is colder again I am looking forward to days rolling into weeks of a bit of warmth....

I have managed to sit in my sewing room with a window open wide to watch Miss muddy beak, who has a nest going somewhere as she is extremely busy flying in and out of the garden at the moment and that looks like a mum to me.....  When she and her mate sit and sing it is so beautiful but there has not been a lot of that going on.  What I have noticed is they come in and eat from the feeders and table then root about for juicy worms and fly in and out all day and with the odd twig in their beaks. That is as far as I have gone into the garden to actually sit because it has been really chilly.  Hurry up Summer Days pretty please..... We have the odd day of very warm then the next it is extremely cold and wet ...

The garden is coming to life though and that means I need to get out in the sun and do a little sketching very soon.  We are house hunting as well and I really do not want to be doing much in our garden, only pots and baskets, because I would like to get my teeth into somewhere else now, however, I will be sad to leave my lovely birds who have become so tame with me and the squirrel who, practically eats from my hands now.  If I could, I would, take them all with me.  So I am trying to sketch Miss Muddy beak, my adorable robin and the squirrel.  Working from home and being on my own sat quietly, they have become a large part of my day and I will miss them.  My husband calls me Mrs Doolittle and says where ever we go the animals will come to me soon enough .......

Our pear tree is in blossom and I am trying to get a photo and sketches done of that with the bird feeders hanging there, it is a hive of activity and to watch the squirrel hang up side down and scoop out some to eat is so funny.  That is until I go to the garden with a bag of peanuts in their shell and then down the tree and runs over for feeding!  I would like to stitch a personal picture for us to take with us.

Sorting through some of my beautiful fabrics and I have some ideas brewing and getting the journal
full for making.  I am mindful eventually there will be a move and I want to have a box packed with several projects and my laptop in the car NOT in the moving van ... this will be my survival kit and keep me going whilst lots of work will need to be done on the house I would imagine.  Cleaning, painting and putting away so I need to have a box that I can go to keep going on here too and hand stitching to do to keep me sane.
So I am designing and getting things ready for the Move Box!

In addition I have some letters to write and that would be lovely to do in the garden as well so roll on a warm Summer for lots of reasons.  Last year was wet all through and so I am holding out for a good one .

Well there is no good just talking about what a busy week I have going on, especially as I will be at a fair on Wednesday and travelling to one on Friday ready for Saturday ( staying in a hotel on the Friday night with friends) it is going to be a short stitching week but a fun one with me on a treasure hunts ... Do I need lots, not really, will I be tempted to things for our new home, probably! But for now on this Monday morning it is head down and stitching.  

Have a great Monday and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Is you move imminent? I love the idea of a survival kit of projects to do.

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. No Julie as still looking for a property .. But can not wait!
      Sarah xxx