Friday 27 May 2016

Making fabric ribbon from vintage fabrics ....

Making and stitching is so 
satisfying and there is such
a sense of achievement when it is complete.

There is something very satisfying and slightly terrifying about this process because the best way is to rip! yes honestly it is.

I like to have my fabric ribbon frayed at the edges so literally you press a piece of fabric .. making sure it is long enough for the length of ribbon you need and then you make a little snip with the scissors and tear it and then you press it again. Do not go against the weave so across the fabric, always length ways ....

I have three meters of a beautiful green paisley which I bought several years ago from Liz of Washerwoman fame.  It still had its layer of protective wax on it.  When it is washed then I am going to makes some three meter lengths of ribbon with it, well some of it anyway.

Having sorted out some fabrics I have been busily making some and wrapping it around vintage pegs or if it is quiet a length then I am tying it with string or indeed wrap it around old cotton reels.  I always fray the ends as well and then secure it with an appliqué pin or string.

I bought some fabric recently and it is really beautiful.  It is striped but large stripes and is in pinks and light greens.  Both ends of the fabric has been cut in a way that the larger of the stripes is not whole so I have evened it up both sides by making four ribbons.  These are short ribbons but great to incorporate into work.  It has made really beautiful ribbon and the beauty of it is that the fabric is now balance and is a little under half a meter which is not to shabby is it?

It is a lovely feeling when you have some already made when you are looking for a little something for a project.  I like to keep several in a drawer ready.

The other thing I like to do is hand embroider daisies on vintage silk ribbon or French knots made to look like flowers as well to stitch onto my work.  Making my own ribbons or customising them so there is no other like them is really rewarding.  Sometimes when my husband is watching the grand prix and it is just about being together I will sit by him and just stitch a little something like ribbon so that not lots of concentration is needed and you can put down and pick up easily.  I feel I have then achieved making stock for my stitchery stock too.  I have an idea for on of the thinner bits of this ribbons (the one that looks like a D running down it) so watch this space.  I made two of each ribbon and I am over the moon with the results.  Why not give it a go yourself.

Well I must away because this one is brought to you from Devon and we are off to Totnes market this morning.

There will be a little blog tomorrow,  for you all and it it a lovely one so please come back and have a read.

There is no blog on Monday as I am going to just enjoy my few days left and have a restful Bank Holiday so I will be back on Tuesday ...

Have a great long weekend and as always ...
  Happy Stitching!


  1. Enjoy Totnes Market, have a lovely break and I recommend Greys Tearoom and their own blend of Earl Grey Tea at the top of the hill same side as the Market, just round the bend.

    1. Totnes was amazing .. I am a heathen where tea is concerned. Only like herbal tea' .. We had the most amazing day Julie ..
      Sarah xxx