Thursday 12 May 2016

Rose of Rose Cottage .... My design stitchery.

“I am excessively fond of a cottage; there is always so much comfort, so much elegance about them. And I protest, if I had any money to spare, I should buy a little land and build one myself, within a short distance of London, where I might drive myself down at any time, and collect a few friends about me and be happy. I advise everybody who is going to build, to build a cottage.”

Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility

I usually like two pieces of stitchery on the go as I do with books I read.  It is lovely to swap about in the day so that it does not become repetitive in anyway, especially if you are stitching lots of French knots ..

Working this piece along side the patchwork piece.  Both have an awful lot of hand stitching between them and so it is nice to stitch one in the morning and work on the other in the afternoon, this way you can walk away from a project and then look at it again later with fresh eyes.

I do feel it is important to do this and as I said before let your work speak for itself, add a little but never over do it to become too busy.  My problem, if you can call it that, was the choices of bits of fabrics and quilt pieces I had to choose for the cottage roof.  I wanted it to look like a cottage but in a whimsical stitchery kind of way and so I wanted the ridge work on the top as thatched cottages do.  I can not tell you how long it took to choose.

I have chosen and very happy at the choice I actually made in the end.  Also I wanted the top of the cottage waney as old cottages seem to be and the ridge of the thatch has been made with some beautiful antique lace that was perfect for the thatch ridge detail. There is lots of embroidery to be done and it is a little sampler type picture with a saying ...... I am liking Rose Cottage.  I like to think that someone like the lady pictured lives in it and I want to make it beautiful and inviting so that it gets stared at and admired on a wall.  I saw this beautiful picture and it is what inspired me.

Between this and the patchwork sampler I am a happy bunny stitching away this week and although it is a short week for my stitching I do believe I can break the backbone of these two sampler pictures to get them ready for framing.

Its getting exciting here as we are off to The Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park tomorrow and sleeping over on Friday night and actually attending the fair on the Saturday.

The Details should you need them again are as follows:

Eridge Park
Eridge Green
Nr Tunbridge Wells
Friday 13 May
Early Bird Ticket 9.30 - 4-00pm  £11
Standard Ticket 11.30 - 16 -00     £7.50

Saturday 14 May  10.00 - 17.00   £7.50

There are over 60 stalls featuring an enticing selection of decorative antiques and French Brocante, as well as textiles and designer makers....  There is plenty of parking and is held in Marques so whatever the weather it will be a lovely day.

I may well see some of you there so if you see me say hello ......

Well it is off to my stitching and there will be a blog tomorrow as we do not leave until lunchtime..... and it is a bit about Deans Court .. Talent for Textiles and some treasures that I bought! so be sure to come back a have a look.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

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