Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Stitching & Hand Embroidery ... the fun has begun!

Make the process of sewing a pleasure for yourself,
 so that you hum and smile to yourself as you sew.

--Nancy Zieman The Busy Woman's Sewing Book --

**     **     **     **     **     **

....... And dear readers I do !  The quotes from vintage sewing books make me smile a lot.  So after lots of cutting out and some machine work getting all the patches together I now have my work in a embroidery hoop and this is where it starts to get creative and interesting.

Sitting in a cosy chair and beginning the really creative part.  I really enjoy hand embroidery and
stitching there is something so satisfying about it, it really is a gentle art and I am so pleased that I have basically taught myself to do it.

Although there are not lots of squares to embroider really I need to do delicate and intricate work.  Lots of flowers on this one.  I am watching it form together and thus far I am very pleased as to how it is going.

There is very old lace and crochet and vintage pearl beads of different shapes and sizes.  Some appliqué, embroidery and some French laundry ribbon.  The quilt pieces are in all four corners and I have carefully written a little saying in some of the squares to embroider in place.

I am stitching this project concurrently with another and I will talk to you about that on Thursday this week and you can have a tiny peek too.

But for now I am off to my stitching room to grab my baskets and get on with this one this morning and probably change over this afternoon.  Tomorrow is Wednesday and as you know there is no blog and I normally take photo's, design and generally stitch.  However not tomorrow as I am off to Talent for Textiles in Wimborne, which is where my mum lives so I am going to have the day off and after I have finished at the Vintage fabric fair I am going to spend the afternoon with my mum who has been poorly lately.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

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