Saturday 14 May 2016

Hello from Eridge ...The Decorative Living Fair.

Happy Saturday to you all!

Well we have arrived safely at Eridge  ( last night) and today we are off to The Decorative Living Fair.... grin.

This is a short one this morning as I am going to go down for breakfast after a fabulous evening last night and lots of fun and laughter .....

I am looking forward to today as I will be able to see Donna of Donna Flower Vintage fame and catch up and she is stalling and I am meeting up with the lovely Nicki of Quilterdown fame ... she however is on a jolly herself and we are looking forward to meeting up and as usual laugh ...... hopefully we will have time to get a drink together as well.  Also I believe Christine from The Sea Garden has a stall along with The Old Haberdashery too.....

It is beautiful weather here and the hotel was fabulous along with great company last night with Jo of Hesta Nesta and her husband Andy.....

I wanted to show you some monograms that came through the post yesterday before I left and I was able to take a quick photo for you to look at ....

I am thrilled with them .. What do you think?

There is the B and the Baby one here and
they of course will go on Nursery pictures at some point, it is best to buy them when you see them because they are becoming less and less available.  They are both beautiful and in the right picture
will finish it off perfectly....

Then I got two S and one A and I collect these for us really as its our initials but sometimes they are used for others on Weddings.  The two large ones ( the S and the A) are for us and the lone S will go into my box of monograms for others if needed.

Well I am off now to get some breakfast and then pack up and off to the fair which opens today at 10.00am so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will take lots of photos today for you so that you can look about if you are unable to attend.  I may try and take a little video and see if I am able to upload it on to here next week ....

Take care and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. I have never seen them initials they are lovely

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Julie.. I am very happy with them. Xxxx