Monday 16 May 2016

Treasures from Deans Court ... Talent for Textiles.

Ribbons, Threads, Linens, Fabrics, lace and treasures Oh My!

The show and tell today is rather lovely, I really did find some amazing things.  Sometimes I wonder how the people that sell them can actually part with such beautiful vintage things.  The answer they tell me is the collect themselves, keep some thing's for themselves and part with others.  Indeed some enjoy something for a while and then move it on to make room for something else they have found - the fluid of vintage!

In no particular order of purchase I will show you my latest plunder!  I bought some exquisite vintage
silk ribbons in different shades and colours.  I could not believe my eyes when I spotted them as they are so beautiful.  There were various colours but these are the ones that took my fancy and are the hues of what I would use in my work ...
They are delicious are they not? I love using ribbons in my work but I am not sure I could actually undo these they looks so fine!  I got these on Hannah's stall.

Then I bought a box of beautiful threads from The Washerwoman stall, the lovely Liz and Jack.  Still in their original box, all intact with tissue paper as well and as strong as you like so usable in embroidery - they will not break.  I love the colour and it is a great colour for Autumn embroideries as well.  They blend with some of the ribbons above as well.

Then I bought some outstanding laces from Carole Wilson and she had some beauties.  I want to use

one of them in an ocean picture because there are shells in the lace and another in my Rose of Rose cottage sampler as well .. the others? well they were so beautiful and rare that I could not walk away from them.  Also there were a packet of vintage tiny crochet buttons that I think would be perfect for flower heads in my Rose cottage picture as well, plus some left over so they are safely in my project basket for that at the moment ...

Then from Linda and Lizzie I bought a few bits.  There were some gorgeous French linens that I could not pass up.  One with the blue strip is a vintage Breton sheet that they would carry their lunches in to the fields then put out to sit on and eat.  I may well keep it whole and use it as a small table cloth but there are a few marks on it so I will see if I can get rid of them.  I have been told a way to get rid of age/rust marks so I will give it a go.

Then I bought a lovely piece of linen with monograms A & B on and this is a gorgeous thread to
stitch on and then I can cut out the monograms for other uses and a more textured weave linen with red stripes too.  I spied some beautiful monagrams as well in white cotton so they came home along home as well.

 A French fabric covered box caught my eye and  I have been looking at lots of them lately and none really took my fancy but this one did and I can imagine that this may be the first of a small collection!
It would be nice to have a small stack.  This one being an oblong shape and he fabric being so clean and vibrant was a must ... The inside of the box is pictured on the bottom right and is beautiful and clean inside as well.

Lastly from Linda and Lizzie I bought a vintage postcard for April the 1st - April fools and I thought
it was so beautiful.  I am going to frame this to put up in April every year.  I love to change pictures and samplers around and it is lovely to have a change for a few weeks every year .. for seasons and Christmas, Halloween and Easter as well.  It is a French one and has the postmark on the front of the card as well...

Then I bought a beautiful piece of vintage quilt panel and I thought it a great base for a piece of
stitchery.  I have not designed anything yet but I think some added embroidery and bits will make a beautiful picture on a wall.  I did not get the ladies name as she was rather busy but I am very pleased with this purchase from this particular stall.  I love the colours and the fact one side has triangle shapes and the other is a piece of wonderful ditsy floral fabric with roses ..

Lastly I bought three beautiful vintage hankies from another stall, again no name but these will be sewn into my hankie curtain/blind that I am still in the middle of making.  I want to find our new home and measure a window in a bathroom or a toilet to put it in so I have not made it all yet. I would rather add than unpick.

 As we are looking for an very old farmhouse type property, sometimes the windows can be fairly small.....

Well that is it, my show & tell from Deans Court Talent for Textiles and I am very happy indeed with the vintage fabrics, ribbons and thread that I bought.

You still have The Decorative Fair to look forward to yet later in the week but for now I am off to my stitching and some photo taking and putting away.  A busy week ahead.

I hope you have enjoyed having a little treasure trove moment and as always have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!


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    1. Thank you Julie I am over the moon with the treasures that are now safely away in some sort of order. You wait until you see my stash from Eridge !!

      Have a fabulous day.
      Sarah xxxx