Tuesday 24 May 2016

On my work table today ........

A sunbeam to warm you
A moonbeam to charm you ..
and a sheltering Angel, so
 nothing can harm you!

I keep journals for practically everything and one of the things that I have a journal for is sayings, the above is in there and I love it.  It is an old Irish saying.

I buy journals sometimes and I cover ones myself.  I had an article in the American magazine
Somerset Life about covering them in vintage blanket and using embroidery, ribbon and buttons to cover them.  I have also used very old vintage French linen and embroidered it and covered my own journals.  It is no good to sell them because that takes so very long to do that it really is not worth it, people bulk at the price but realise when they embark on a project like that, how long it takes.

Today I am covering some journals in vintage embroidery that has already been stitched, in the form of tray cloths.  

I bought a book at Eridge and the lady had covered books in vintage liberty  fabrics mostly and so I thought I might do the same for some new journals that I would like to start but with vintage embroidered tray cloths.  I am not doing removable covers like I normally do but actually sticking the fabric to the hard back journal.  I have some beautiful vintage embroidery and so I have decided to do some for me.

So on my work table today I have a selection of vintage embroidery fabrics, hard back journals, buttons, scissors, spray mount and lots of enthusiasm for this project.  I need a new design journal and saying journal and would also like one for my personal thoughts, designs and generally jot down.

I have found some lovely embroideries including the one pictured at the top.  This is destined for a large hard back sketch book from Daler Rowney and it cost £12 for me to buy plus then the cost of the vintage tray cloth.  Then the time to do it properly .... you can see why they are not sell worthy
can't you?

I have thought about a great way to cover them neatly and tuck everything in place.  I have another pattern for a small hard back journal.  This is a beautiful tray cloth with a simple but beautiful embroidery of a daisy ...

As you can see I have been rummaging around in my vintage embroidery box this morning!  and
come up with some beauties!  Also I found this one as well and this is going on a journal as well today .. I am making three to start with.  It is still a slight dilemma as to whether I use the top one for a permanent cover on a journal or use it on a tray it is so stunning!!!

Here is the the other one I have sorted out for now ........

I am going to have another look and see what I have and then start.  I will take photos along the way to show you the results.

Also on my work table today is a treat for me.  I have got some sweeties to help me think, you understand!  I have my quota measured out and I can help myself when the brain needs a sugar feed!  There are some jelly meerkats and some liquorice creams .. so that is what is on the table today!

Well I must fly ... and hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. May I join you.......I'll bring sweeties too, and embroider. You inspired me a few post back and I am making a special journal, which is also "homework" for a class I shall be taking in August.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Oh lovely .. Yes how lovely would that be Julie!
      One day it needs to be organised.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Susan and Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading and any comments are always very much appreciated.
      Sarah x