Monday 23 May 2016

To stitch a story ....

I remind myself daily that I am so lucky to pick up a needle
and thread and stitch a story.  To stitch something beautiful and 
unique in every way with stunning fabrics and notions.

I believe that every sampler or picture I create stitches a story, it may be whimsical to think that way but there it is.  I love to design and make beautiful and bespoke items for people to put in their home or indeed give them a design to stitch for themselves.

With Rose of Rose Cottage as I stitch each flower or detail to this it is important to me that it is like I am commissioned by this imaginary vintage lady in her rose hat and that she is pleased with the progress.

Everything that I stitch has a story to it, in my head at least and it is how I design and make.  For you to stitch something for yourself or as a gift, it is a lovely way to think and will, I believe, help you to design a unique piece of your own.

You can be very detailed in your work or it can be a naive stitchery piece more primitive in a way which can be very charming indeed.  It has been around in America and Canada for years but we are only just catching on here in the last few years with this way of stitching.  My sewing teacher at school would be tearing her hair out now, as precise was they way she taught.  There is still room for that in your work, as everything should be done to the best of your own ability but the primitive look
is very attractive to me and it I would say that my work is between the two....

It is like very old embroidered samplers with their primitive pictures and ABC's, I simply adore them and I guess its what inspires my work.  Loving as I do antique and vintage I collect original of anything that I can but I love to recreate things of the past in my designs but in my own design and style.

I enjoy the gathering of all the materials needed to complete a project and of course you have now seen my work basket system.  They look so pretty in a row waiting their turn to be made into something unique.

No piece of fabric or linen is over looked, if there is a slight mark or a bit of quilt unravelled my thoughts are in the right picture (behind glass) it will just add to the beauty, character and charm or the piece.

Beautiful fabrics, linens, threads, buttons and monograms when they are brought together and some embroidery is added with maybe some words can make such a stunning piece of fabric art.  When framed and on a wall it is a thing of beauty to look at.  Rose of Rose Cottage will always be that and a
picture of Rose will be added to the picture in the corner so that everyone knows who's cottage it is.

I have bought some really gorgeous pieces of fabrics from Absolutely English recently and I am very pleased with them.  They also come wrapped in tissue paper with a lavender heart popped in, which when you open the package Summer hits your senses straight away .... You can search for the shop under that name on Etsy if you like what  you see.  It is stunning fabric isn't it and I have already matched some threads in the light greens.  The picture above it with the paisley in the blue, red and lemon is from her too.

Then she posted that she was unpicking a vintage eiderdown which was not bed worthy but the fabric was rare and really beautiful, when I saw the pictures I messaged Yvonne and asked if it was all for her or was she selling any ... to my joy she sold some to me and it has arrived safely and is treasured and earmarked for something scrummy ... With the beautiful colours of dusky pink and the flowers I had fallen in love with it in a photo but in true real life it is even more gorgeous believe me.  Isn't divine and smells of lavender as well ..

I have more work baskets than hands to stitch at this point in time and it Bank Holiday coming up and we shall be in Devon staying with a great friend in his cottage for a long weekend.  We are adding on to the already long weekend as not only are we going to Totnes vintage market but we are viewing a house too ... Eeeek excited!  Our friend is a chef and so we will be very well taken care of.  I am taking some stitching with me because I believe one day the gents will be tree cutting with a chainsaw in the garden.  I will be settled watching in the Summer House with my needle and threads!

Anyway I must away as I have lots to do including packing for the weekend, I like to get things ready and in the case as the week progresses.

Have a wonderful Monday and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely fabric. We're off to the Totnes area for a week in two weeks time. Have a lovely weekend there
    Julie xxxx

  2. Hi Julie

    How strange and we will just miss each other too! The Totnes market on a Friday is fabulous and there is a great stall there that a vintage friend of mine runs... lots of vintage beautiful fabrics, eiderdowns, buttons and all sorts of goodies .... You may like to check it out if you are going ..

    Thank you looking forward to a long bank holiday few days ....

    Sarah xxxx

  3. I know the area very well because my parents lived in Dittisham for ten years. Totnes has an Elizabethan Market on Tuesdays during the summer, the residents and stall holders dress up.
    Julie xxxxxx