Thursday 5 May 2016

All the fun of The Larmer Tree Vintage Brocante ...

Not all treasure is made of silver and gold!
Jack Sparrow, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl 

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend and being that it is short week for most of us as well is a bonus.  My husband travels daily to London unless working from home so this week is only four days into that rigorous routine., 

We had a really lovely three days and most of it really quiet lazy relaxation.  We went out on Saturday night with the family and on Sunday we went to Lymington and sat watching the boats in
the marina whilst sat outside having a Sunday lunch and a glass of wine.  Then Monday, although not the normal 5am start but early for us than the two previously lay in bed and drink cups of coffee and chat start, it was up and to the Larmer Tree Vintage Brocante  at Tollard Royal, Dorset.

Unfortunately the rain had come in where we had been in sun for two days but that dear reader does not stop a vintager from treasure hunting!!

The venue is beautiful and the drive up to where the fair was is wonderful with sheep grazing everywhere and peacocks in the gardens it truly got you excited before entering.  When we parked there were quiet a few vintage cars as well and my husband spent a while looking around those. As you paid to get inside there were about 4 stall holders under gazebos outside and although it was raining it was not windy so it was not too bad.  The majority of the exhibitors though were inside and you could wander around at your leisure without being in the wet.  There were fairy lights on the ceilings with fabrics draped across and each and every stall had displayed so beautifully.  

The first stall as I walked in was the lovely Jenny of Tilly-D fame and it was lovely to see her and her wonderful stall, it was just like walking through time in an old fashioned fabric and haberdashery shop and it looked beautiful. Piles of neatly washed and pressed fabrics in a old French cupboard and rolls of fabrics tied with fabric ribbon in jars along with some stunning vintage china too.  I bought a little something and we had a chat. 

 It was already very busy so I moved along to the next  stall and a happy surprise it was Elaine from Ted & Bunny there was so much to see and some beautiful clothes hanging up, fabrics in baskets, lace, chair with cushions and all sorts of great vintage goodies too.

Right next to Elaine but on the turn to go along
right was Clare of Daisy Darling I could not believe that they were all together like that it was fabulous.  Clare is part of the Vintage Bazaar team and it was great to see her there with her husband and two gorgeous daughters.  Clare has an eye for detail and of course as you know is a very talented milliner as well as a maker of beautiful things from vintage fabrics and such.  She had some beautiful bits on her stall from her famous hats to wonderful old pieces of fabrics which she had framed.  I actually was talking to Clare for quiet a while as her husband was manning the stall while we caught up!

I had to move on because I had limited time as we were due at a Birthday Party for a late lunch so I moved along to see what I could see.

I cam across Aunt Jane's Attic and her lovely makes from vintage fabrics, buttons and more.

There was also some jewellery that she had made and all sorts of eclectic goodies.  I had seen this particular lady before at a Vintage at the Village event some while ago and it was lovely to see her again.

Then I came across Grey to Green Home who I had not seen at any of the show before, it had become very very busy by now and so I did not have time to talk to the stall holders except to ask about taking photos, but this was a truly beautiful stall with lots of wonderful vintage goodies for your home.  The two ladies on there were very busy indeed.  It was such a different and unique collection ......

Moving along in a clockwise direction and through another door way I saw Jane of Kiss the Book.  This is one of my favourite lovely people and I love books too and there is always something on here to tempt the readers in us.  Jane also prepares vintage paper craft packs with bits of old papers, maps, book pages that could not be saved in a book as a whole, old letters and picture plates from books and sells them to use in either mixed media or paper crafting.  Jane always has a beautiful display and today was no exception with glass jars of freshly picked Spring flowers and book bundles tied with vintage ribbons.  I put in a little wish list for me and now the lovely Jane is on the case for me.....

Then my husband spotted the pop up vintage café and we smelt fresh coffee so we had a little ten minute break and succumbed to a sausage roll piece each and a cake.  I had the most delicious tiffin and he had a piece of tea bread.  This was our breakfast and what a great breakfast is was ... 
It really was a pit stop and I was off again, looking around to see if he was going for seconds but he did not this time as we were going to a Birthday lunch and he did not want to fill up on cake.

I came across Sarah's Victoriously Vintage stall and there was such a different and varied collections including some old cotton reels and I did pick some up ... There will be a show and tell later on the blog ... But there was vintage linens, basket of china, old telephone and so much more...

Working clockwise and coming on round I saw the most unusual of stalls that I had ever seen.  Called Brocanté Vintage and with vintage dolls with little crowns on their heads and with wire stands.  They were like busts really but with body and stands for legs.  There was something really appealing about them.  They are officially called Santo's cage dolls and there were also the antique gold cross Santos cage doll crowns as well.  I have never seen them before but they are truly beautiful.

Moving around and going back to the main bit I came across Mercer & Rose This was an exceptional stall with everything one's vintage heart could desire and displayed with care and artistic flair.  There were little bundles of fabrics, vintage French laundry letter ribbons, cushions, threads, buttons, mother of pearl cutlery, china and so much more.  I have to say I went a little mad here and you wait until you see what goodies came home with me from this fabulous stall.

Tearing myself away I wandered to some more stalls and found The Botanical Candle Co. who makes candles from china, glass jelly moulds, old tins, old stone marmalade jars and anything really that is antique and will take hot wax and some wicks.  It really is a wonderful gift to buy someone.  I would be thrilled because you get to burn a wonderful scented candle such as mint and lavender but then when that is gone you get a antique stone marmalade jar as well .... And the smell of the one burning was beautiful and fresh.

Tickiti Boo was next door and there were some lovely and different pieces here.  I was struck by the balance of the stalls which really did have something for everyone.  I joked with the lady on this stall about that although the spelling was different I would never forget her stall not only for such a wonderful display but near us is the river that runs out into the sea and there is a boat moored there called Tickety Boo and I wonder why on such sunny days why the owner is out on it all the time.  It is a beautiful boat and I admire it so much every time I walk by the River and bank so you see now when I see it I will always think of this lovely stall.

It was nearly time to go so I wanted to look at some stalls outside and the rain was not heavy so I left my husband looking at a antique tool stall and did not take photos of .. Tut! and I went over to the flower stall called Sprout & Flower.. Oh my what beautiful visual stall with floral flower smells.  All the displays in old galvanized buckets, watering cans and more.  If we had a date to move ( got to find a house to buy yet!!) I would have bought a few for sure.  Look how beautiful they all were.

Then my last two stall were Lynnes French Brocanté and The Junk Shop which was run by Jo.
They were friends who were sort of stalling together outside and I spoke to Jo and asked why on earth she called hers The Junk Shop because it was so far far from junk that I had ever seen in my life.  She laughed and said she had always called it that and loved the name because it was not pretentious in anyway ... well that's for sure!  There were some lovely pieces on both of their displays and I managed to take some photos of both of their items for you all to see.  Lynne had

some beautiful French items for your home and Jo it was more the Furniture side so they blended totally together in a way.  They had some things under a gazebo and other things against a old stone wall.  You could hear the peacocks crying and people busy laughing and walking around this wonderful event.  I could smell the aromas of both the flowers and the candles coming outside from the doors.  The rain had stopped and there was a fresh cut grass smell too .... wonderful for all the senses.

It was time to leave and head quickly to a Birthday Party Lunch which was an hours drive so we said our good byes packed up my vintage treasure haul into the car and headed out.  It was a lovely start to our last day of the long weekend which had been spent bumbling about not only by the sea on Sunday and a family dinner out on Saturday evening the other side of Salisbury but now in the Dorset country side as well.

Well it is off to my stitching now and I am a little behind this week and next week is the Talent for Textiles fair mid week in Wimborne and then Eridge at the weekend and we are staying up there at a hotel with the lovely Jo and Andy of Hesta Nesta fame so I have to really put my head down and stitch this week.  Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed a little tour of this lovely vintage Brocanté and as alway Happy Stitching!


  1. Another lovely fair
    Julie xxxxx

  2. It was a lovely few hours Julie and there was some beautiful vintage goodies!

    Sarah xx

  3. Lovely to see you as always Sarah. I'm down with a lurgy but will be... ON THE LOOK OUT! xxx

    1. So good to see you Jane. Sorry to hear you are unwell.
      Get better very soon.

      Sarah xx