Saturday 24 October 2015

Web Appraisal: 1825 New Jersey Sampler ... a must watch for the surprise!

As I am in America I thought we would stay this way on this Saturday.  Take a look at this amazing family heirloom and what a busy household with children found out.  When a mother who had been handed down this stunning sampler from 1825 through her generations found when her son smashed the original glass of this sampler with a golf ball!

She was upset and I am sure angry with her son until what was uncovered would never have been found!

Why not make yourself a drink and watch this wonderful piece of film which is only a few minutes long.  What an amazing find and it just goes to show we really do not know what fate will sometimes hand us......

I loved watching this and hope you do too!  Have a wonderful weekend.....

And as always Happy Stitching!