Saturday 17 October 2015

Shaker box made by Jim Thoma

Happy Weekend All

We are having such an amazing time here in New Hampshire.  The flight was great and I got a great amount of stitching done.  We had a wonderful Wedding Anniversary ( cocktails were good too!) and have had a great time at the Shaker village and Strawberry bank.

 We will be off on the antique trail today and tomorrow plus we still have an exciting meet up for 5 days with our wonderful American friends from New York who are meeting us at Stonington later next week and   they are coming along with us by day to see what we can see. I have had  a exciting vintage fabric tip off for Stonington.  Lots of walking around to take off the great New Hampshire breakfasts that they proudly put in front of you.  My husband can do them
justice and still eat breakfast muffins and breads before the hot breakfast choice.... Me well I really can not do it the same justice but still lovely walks around antique places, river walks in the fall and beach walks at Stonington will do us both some good

Here is a little something for you to look at .... A beautiful Shaker Box being made.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this wonderful little film, it shows you just what kind of work goes into the making of these wonderful boxes and of course I bought another for my collection.  They are great little sewing boxes! and make stunning Christmas gifts for stitching friends.....


  1. What a fascinating video, the boxes are so lovely. What a wonderful trip it is.

    1. So pleased you liked the film! They are beautiful but the work that goes into each one is amazing. They are signed by the maker too! .