Tuesday 13 October 2015

Colby Hill Inn Hotel ..... We are on our way!

Well I am off to America and flying into Boston.  Our first stop is The Colby Hill Inn and we are
making this our base for a few days.  There is an awful lot to see in this beautiful area and we are looking forward to going back and seeing our friends who we are meeting later on in this trip.

I am also on the hunt for vintage fabric shops in the surrounding areas as well so I will keep you informed as to what I find.  I have my list of the Antique Trail as it is called and we have a route planned with the help from a lovely lady in New Hampshire who has been in contact with me.  She sent me a map and a leaflet of all the antique shops and put a cross on the ones with fabrics, quilts and stitchery.  My husband and I have had fun planning all this and it also takes us to some beautiful spots and towns along our antique routes.  With the leaves turning such wonderful colours and the great views along the way these trips are not going to be boring at all!

I will be picking up my hand dyed shaker threads as well this week and had placed my order several months ago for them to be ready for me when I arrive.  I get to say a big hello to Becky and her team and it is like going home!  I must tell you some of the names of the threads that I have ordered, see if you can imagine the colours of them .. Honey dew, Old red paint, Buttermilk, Raspberry parfait, Peach ice-cream, Roasted marshmallow, Autumn leaves, Pumpkin pie, Mountain mist and Weathered barn ... just a handful of the large order I have made.

I look forward to lots of sketching and new ideas for my inspiration and projects for the long winter months that lie ahead upon our return and of course our house move which may see me off line for a week.... but we will see.

There will be blogs along the way so come in daily to have a read.

What ever you are doing today have a great day and of course Happy Stitching! I am off to fly above the clouds..... and I have my hand stitchery to keep my sane.  I am looking forward to the flight now that you can take small scissors and needles again.  I do not mind a film or reading but to be able to stitch keeps me far more sane when I am forced to sit for hours in my seat.

Well have a great day as always and Happy Stitching yourselves.  I will keep you all up to date along the antique stitchery journey so do not forget to pop in and see.

I leave you with a little look at the Inn ... Enjoy!

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