Friday 9 October 2015

Stunning vintage embroidery threads hunt !

The excitement is building here with our up and coming American adventure.  Packing is being done nightly and I have carefully prepared a list of wish to find!  You will see from my blog's whilst there that we are doing an Antique Trail around New Hampshire whilst we are staying in that area and I have a list of shops that sell vintage stitchery as well.... OH YES! So as we go about I will update you daily.

I have found a shop that says one of the things they specialise in is vintage paisleys!! now I hope this is correct because you can imagine my delight if this is so.

I am hoping to bring back some vintage embroidery bits as it seems there were a lot of Coates products made especially for the American market so they are on my list.  Any stitchery at all or fabric.  I have an extra 2 cases for my contraband if it is indeed that good, and  it promises to be.

There are promises  of linens, china and fabrics of all kinds so I am really looking forward to our hunt in the States.

We have been told that some is English because of the Pilgrim's from England who brought with them things from home so it will be interesting.  Also quilts... I might have to wear one home as a coat if it will not go in our cases ... or ditch some clothes!  ... those of you who are mad about stitchery and vintage will understand that statement totally! and those of you who know me personally know that I would.

As you all know I always pick up my hand dyed shaker threads and this trip is no exception... The one thing about thread is, it really does not weigh much and can go all around the perimeter of the case without any hassle at all.

I will be keeping in touch with you all as I am taking my I Pad and where we staying along the way there is wifi so all is well...

So today for me is what I would call a sweep up day making sure everything that needs doing is done and then Sunday we can pack in earnest the last few bits and relax.

So I am away to my stitching room and to keep my thoughts on my must do list and some stitchery to finish calmly. I must get my hand stitchery that I am taking on the plane out ready to pack as well  I managed to stitch some bits for embroidery so it is a case of deciding what to bring to stitch now... I confess to the excited butterfly tummy feeling!

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!

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