Monday 19 October 2015

Have a little peek at my beautiful hand dyed shaker threads!

What I make of my hands, I give of my heart.

Well I have picked up my order and I think you will agree these beauties are stunning.  I could not wait to go and see Becky and her team at Quilted Threads. These are just some of the colours that I ordered and when I get home I will show you them all.....

I had made my order for these beautiful threads but also I pick up a few stitchery musts whilst I am there.  Cotton thread for the machine which is cheaper in the States and a few other bits and
bobs to tuck into my suitcase.  I seriously think I would start throwing away clothes as I have worn them to be able to bring back some vintage and stitchery goodies ...

My husband is great when I am in this beautiful quilting and haberdashery shop.  He comes in to say hello and wanders around a little with me .... Then, and those of  you who know us will believe it, he goes outside to our hire car and polishes all the windows!! yes he loves it and has always said to me if it paid the bills he would do it for a living!

When we go to Quilted Threads, which is in Henniker, we tend to spend our day around there.  There are some wonderful little shops ( now selling vintage china as well!) and there is the covered bridge and the river.  We tend to go to Daniels for lunch, which is on the river and also I always have a pumpkin beer with a Cinnamon rim.... it is wonderful believe me, nope I wasn't convinced until I tried it either but oh boy!

It is our relax day where we may sit at the Inn and read or in my case sew and also plan our route for the next day.  It is rather nice to have one day where you are not
in the car travelling around to places all day and it helps us relax.  You can make tea and coffee at the Inn and there are always home made cookies to tempt you and a delicious bowl of apples to help yourself too.

Anyway I am away now and off for more adventures .... Have a wonderful day yourselves and Happy Stitching!


  1. Just think how many sewing goodies you could cram into your Eagle Creek cube and it will just vanish into your suitcase!!

  2. Oh my Sarah, this looks such an amazing shop! I am inspired to visit! I am enjoying your blogs and look forward to hearing more about these wonderful threads on your return! x

  3. When we go to Quilted Threads, which is in Henniker, we have a tendency to spend our day around there. There are some great little shops and there is the secured span and the stream. We have a tendency to go to Daniels for lunch, which is on the stream furthermore I generally have a pumpkin brew with a ring this blog.