Thursday 15 October 2015

Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire

I am so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers!

Well we had a great flight and have arrived safely at what seems like our second home.  We will be visiting the Canterbury Shaker Village today and I will be taking my sketch book with me.  The inspiration at this incredible place is abundant.
I love looking around the shaker boxes and the old sewing rooms there as well as the kitchens.

Since our last visit they have restored even more and it has all been opened in time for our visit today.  I have to say I will be lingering around the sewing rooms and the new sewing bits that are there.  I will be taking photos for you to look at.  I will try and load them up (depending on Wi-Fi reception)  We are staying in a place that it is possible for a great connection but sometimes things happen.

There is so much to look at and see and the vast acres that this village is nestled in is stunning and I will be able to sketch to my hearts content.

The leaves here are breath taking and the Fall has begun every colour imaginable and each colour seems to have at least 5 variations  ... I think we will make a visit to a Maple Syrup plant this time as well as we have never been and then we can bring some home.

The beautiful shop where they sell quilts is going to be visited too..... There is always a quilted table runner or wall hanging that catches my eye and ladies and gents not always for me, I do a little Christmas shopping whilst I am here.  The shop has some lovely books and stitchery items and I like to pick up there quilting wax when I go back, I use mine a lot and it makes great gifts for stitcher's as it is always moulded into something rather lovely with a ribbon attached to it.

I have not suffered too much jet lag, I am afraid it hits me going back home though because of it being a night flight and not light and no sleep! not going to worry about that right now though.  It is a beautiful day and I am really looking forward to going back to Canterbury and seeing what they have achieved in a year since our last visit.  It is outstanding at what is new every time we re visit.  Both of us love the feel and the history here and of course I head for the sewing rooms as they have always added some more things to look at.  I will take some photos today and pop them up later in the week ....

Today is our Wedding Anniversary as well so this day will be followed with a wonderful dinner at the Colby Hill Inn and I think a cocktail maybe in order ... one of their Fall ones with pumpkin liqueur I think and a cinnamon stick!

Have a wonderful day and of course Happy Stitching!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus.


  1. It all looks so very exciting! I know there are such wonderful sewing and craft things to be had in America.

    1. There are Maureen .... Keep popping in here to look .