Monday 12 October 2015

Autumn sketching and a little stitching!

Autumn in New England and New Hampshire .... it is part of my soul.

Well we are off this week to America and on a great adventure.  As we go round we are on the hunt for antique fabrics and vintage stitchery in general as I told you.

I am busy packing today (still! as going through it properly and deciding daily clothes and changes for dinner at night, buy checking weight of things too!) and not forgetting my sketch book for ideas for new designs.  I will be blogging so please keep coming in here to read whats happening for the next 3 weeks.

Having packed a little bit of stitching for me to keep me sane on the plane journey over and back.  I will be sketching my away around New England in the Fall so I am very happy.  I will be picking up my ordered hand dyed threads and there will be lots to show you all and tell.

Upon my return I will show you pictures of the vintage finds that I have picked up as well for me personally, although things coming to the VB will go public on facebook and the VB web page so keep an eye out if you are interested.

Today there is no stitching for me  I have packed what I need to take and I am just finishing tidying my sewing room for my return.  I have put out two empty baskets for me to gather fabrics etc for new designs that have not been sketched yet ... so I am Miss organised. (for once!)

The plane journey is 7 hours so as I am forced to sit still for that time, no email to answer, phone on aeroplane mode and above cloud for most of the journey my stitching will get a great start.  I have even threaded a few needles to help me along the way.  As we fly on the way there at lunchtime our time, we will then land mid afternoon Boston time, it will be easy on the eyes as it is all day light.  I have a window seat to help with natural light.

On Virgin flights you have your own screens and around 50 films to choose from, this is what my husband likes to do, watch 2 films or so and with noise cancelling headphones on he is in his own little world so I have perfect uninterrupted stitching time .... I can put on my same headphones and listen to music or one of the audio books that I have downloaded for this very occasion.. bliss!  I sorted some bits to stitch last Friday as I said I would so big TICK for my flight in house entertainment!! so as you can see I have sewn some patchwork squares from antique bits of quilts, blankets and linens and so on the plane it will be appliquĂ© and embroidery for me....... In the middle of the last photo there is a bit of aida for cross stitch which is dissolves in water once you have finished .... I have pinned some to this square in case I need it.

There will be lots of exciting blogs along the way so please keep checking in daily.

Have a great day and always Happy Stitching!

New England in the Fall!... breath taking!


  1. Packing, I read a blog which I can't find now about packing for 2 weeks in a carry on bag - there are loads out there now. However, the Eagle Creek Packing Cube is amazing. I never cease to be staggered at how much can go in one and this takes up half on the base of a carry on sized case. I also use a 'Sheldon Clothes Folder' which was cheap and gets used a lot. The whole family now use cubes and the folder as they transform packing and make for a very tidy suitcase of any size!

    1. OOH Maureen fabulous I will try and find one today .... It can come to America with me and then we are able to reduce my fabrics down ...... Thank you

  2. If you find one and like it - perfect for fabrics - they are an American product so are easily available. I'm off to France for a month next May and I will be on the look out, lots of trips to Emmaus!