Friday 23 October 2015

Antiques Alley ... The New Hampshire trail.

Morning All from the beautiful New Hampshire!

Well today is a very exciting one for us as we are following the Route 4 Antiques Alley Trail over a few towns and going to all there antique quarters.

There are a list of shops like you would not believe and there are lots of great things to be looked at.

I have found one shop who says they have antique linens and paisleys!!!! I could not believe it.

There is a one shop that sells antique books and collectable papers and my husband has found one with vintage tools and records so he is happy too.

It will be an incredible day out today and we will be going all day having a rummage around these antique shops.  Some of the antiques are English being from the settlers that came here so it will be very interesting indeed ... included in this is a shop with antique quilts so I am preparing to take as many photos as they will let me so that I can do a blog about it all on our return.

The route 4 antique trail is between the cities of Portsmouth and Concord and encompassing the towns of Northwood, Lee, Epsom and Chichester .... yes lots of English names we all know there!

I will be on the look out to bring some back for my stall at the VB as well if its possible.  I will be having a look at early kitchen and folk art today as well.

Well wish my luck dear readers and we are now off for our day out.  Have a great day whatever you are up to and of course as always Happy Stitching!

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  1. It is the most amazing place, I am in Chichester so feeling a bit of empathy here!