Friday 4 July 2014

Vintage French Fabrics V English ..... I love them all

Hmmmm!... I am a fabric addict BUT I do make pictures and vintage goodies with it all so I do not just put it in a draw and stroke it occasionally!  Well all right maybe some of the paisley's I own but generally I do use it ( even paisley's)

I seem to buy English vintage fabrics because of my love of paisley and vintage French Linen because I think it is the best.

However I have just bought some stunning French flowery fabrics and washed them this week and pressed them.  They really are divine.

I am off next week to another vintage fair so I will be on the look out for some more, and of course paisley because I am doomed and possessed by the love of it!

It is Friday and I really do not know what happened to my week, that said I have finished a piece ready for framing so there is an achievement and a great end to a great week.

I have a little more cutting out of fabric to do today and then I will be ready for a good start to next week.

Have a Happy Stitching Day!


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