Monday 14 July 2014

American Lighthouses.... I love them!

Like a guardian Angel the lighthouse stands,
Sending out hope in the night.
Like a faithful friend reaching out a hand,
bringing comfort, truth and light.

With my stitching I can be in all sorts of seasons.  Middle of the summer I can be stitching for Christmas to catch a deadline for publication or like last week I was stitching for the Autumn/Fall....

This week I am back to summer time..... and I am in the middle of a lighthouse/sea sampler.  I simply adore the shapes of the American lighthouses, I have to say.

When we were in America last year and the time before that I was lucky enough to walk around some, they are breath taking and so well maintained.  We met a gentleman there in New England that was from New York and he was on a lighthouse tour, just him and his wife and they were telling us about where they had been and where they were off to.  

So having sketched a couple of them I was able to design my sampler with relative ease with regards to shape.

I think on this type of sampler you could use some watercolour, as I was talking about in yesterdays blog.  I am not sure if I will or will not just yet as I am still in the early stages of my design and cutting out fabrics, but I have not discounted it yet either.....

I need to get this under way as the next project takes me to Valentines!! yes in my world the calender is slightly topsy turvy ... but I love it!

This is painted by Donald Boncela
a stunning lighthouse scene.

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