Tuesday 1 July 2014

Embroidery on wool......

Good Morning All

When I am sat designing, generally with a pencil twiddling around in my hand and a vacant stare into space, I can see as if it is in front of me the finished article.....  Now that might sound mad but it is true.

I envisage what is is I would like to create, with what sort of colours I would like it to contain and then it is the small matter of making it so!

I am in the middle of designing and trying to implement one of my ideas and it has taken some re thinks.

Embroidering on pieces of wool blanket is not as easy as my visual day dream.......

Still we prevail and the design is coming along beautifully.  The Summer is upon us, although some days it is still quiet cold and others toasty..... You have to love English summer ( or you would cry!) When it  is a colder day a blanket on your lap whilst embroidering is welcome!

More and more of my work is for publication and I love doing it but I am not allowed to show you before the event ( for obvious reasons) but I am setting aside some time to make some new designs and some are smaller things to put on to my new website to buy.  So you will be seeing a bit more of my elusive designs and have an opportunity to buy some.  I do not want to rush anything but I do want my website to look beautiful and be easy to navigate.....

As you can see I have an awful lot of work to be doing..... So without further ado I am off to create.

Have a most wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

Came across this idea, will be doing this, it will make my life easier whilst doing wool embroidery!

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