Monday 7 July 2014

Vintage and antique fair...... 1886 Red and White sampler.

Dear readers

Just to say that we went to the Vintage and antique fair at the Bath and Somerset grounds at the weekend.  We decided to go on Sunday for a few reasons instead of Saturday.  The day was fabulous and I was able to meet up with lots of my vintage friends, some had stalls there and some, like me were buying for our business.....

The laughs when we spotted each other with bags..... ' oh what have you got in there'? all of us clutching our treasures! I had a great day catching up and picking up vintage goodies for my stitching.  I am lucky as some stuff had been saved for me as I was not going until Sunday!

I bought some amazing French Linen with red hand stitched monograms on and dates around 1900 or a little before.  There was a French couple who had come over with all there goodies.... I was like a child in a sweetie shop.  I bought some wonderful French embroidery threads and glass beads that are Victorian for the eyes of seahorses as well as lots of great fabrics and stitching bits.. In addition I purchased some great quilt pieces as well for the needle cases that I make.

Finally for us we bought a most wonderful 1886 Sampler! Oh My it is divine truly.... It is red on white and is a tiny wee sampler.  The small ones are very rare and so delicate and intricate.  The stitching is like little mice have done it.  It is a prize possession in our home now.

What a wonderful weekend first book for America and then a wonderful day out and meeting up with lots of wonderful like minded friends.....

My beautiful sampler and a wonderful piece of history that now hangs in our home... I am so lucky!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! M x

  2. It was! and I am so pleased with my lovely little wee sampler! x