Thursday 17 July 2014

How to Embroider a French Knot

Good morning all

The above is a great little tutorial for a French Knot.... You can do beautiful flowers with that stitch.

When I am embroidering lavender I use this stitch as when they are in a cluster in the shape of lavender it really looks very good.

You can embroider a border of flowers with French Knots and some other simple stitches and it makes a stunning cottage garden border or indeed a tree!

You can look up any tutorial on You Tube but I will be featuring lots over the next few months.  Thanks to some wonderful people who have shared there skills it is easy to watch and learn, which is, easier than books sometimes.....

Have a go yourself.  Do not forget though, put your linen into a hoop to keep it taught and then your work will be neat and it will be easier, especially with a French Knot.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thanks for this. I would love to learn some more stitches ...
    M x

  2. Hi M!

    Yes I thought I might do a stitch a week maybe ...... So I hope you like them.

    Hope your well.

    Sarah x