Tuesday 15 July 2014

Long Barn organic lavender... lots of wonderful smelling inspiration!

How doth the little busy bee
improve each shinning hour
and gather honey all the day
from every shinning hour

Isaac Watts.

The other week I went to the organic lavender growing barn in Alresford in Hampshire with a friend.  One to get some lavender but also to wander around the field there and look and get up close to all the different lavenders that are there. Great inspiration for embroidery!

You can buy all sorts of lavender plants there as well as dried lavender.  They produce some divine products out of lavender as well and I am particularly fond of the lavender spray for your linen.  I love putting a little on our pillows!... It is also said that midges do not like lavender and it keeps them away too.

There is a little cafe there and they sell drinks and cakes (some with lavender in) and they do snacks as well.  I had a wonderful salad and it was very good indeed.

If ever you would like a wonderful day out then head for Alresford.  The little town its self has some lovely little artisan shops and still has a green grocers, fish monger, butcher and a stall selling handmade artisan breads.....

The organic lavender with a bee busy collecting!

scented roses as well for the bees to collect.

Organic lavenders at their best.

Inside the barn in the cafe.... wonderful food and lavender products.

Happy Stitching!

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