Wednesday 19 March 2014

Vintage wool blankets ....... finds and stashes.

Good morning all

Today I am talking blankets, the vintage pure wool ones.  I use them as some of my bases on my journals and always cut my vintage Christmas stockings from them.

For the Christmas stockings I think it is important to have a robust fabric to stuff little gifts into.  I embroider, applique and generally embellish them before sewing the stocking together on my machine. It is important that the stitching is strong and I often go around twice.

I have a small collection of blankets and I am always on the lookout for cream ones or red.  Red is very hard to find but I did find one.  I have a lovely young lady by the name of Maizie, who in her holidays, from school, comes in to cut out Christmas stockings for me.  She enjoys learning things about stitchery and really enjoys working here with me for pocket money.  Maizie is now 14 and I am not sure how long I will have her for but I know she will be with me this summer holiday....

In addition to that she is extremely good at covering buttons with vintage fabrics and does not waste a scrap!

I am hunting down vintage blankets right now and always on the lookout, if they are in good condition they are robust and useful.  When I wash them I always dry them in the tumble dryer to felt them slightly, I think it suits my work very well.....

I have another vintage textile fair coming up so I will be on the lookout for some more blankets, I am already making my list.......

Have a lovely day and Happy Stitching !

Vintage cream blankets.....

Vintage Welsh blanket.

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