Monday 17 March 2014

Vintage embroidery book find...... take a look it is wonderful.

Good morning

Today I thought you might like to see one of my vintage finds, this time a book.  It is called Dorset feather stitchery and was published in 1957.  It is not a rare book but neverless a treasure to me. I had a good read of it over the weekend.

I loved the style of writing in there, it's a good read and funny in places.  There is a section for 'suggestions for taking a Feather Stitchery Class'......
quote: keep your class under control, all working on the same stitch. Curb the fast or careless ones and take your timing from the medium group before moving on to the next stitch.  The late comers and slow workers must, alas, follow the best they can....

Can you imagine if you were running a class like that today? no one would come back!

Olivia Pass who wrote this book dedicates it to her sister, who, it says, has helped me all the time and who has staged for us and tidied up afterwards!

The patterns are made up of Feather and Buttonhole stitches, Chain Stitch and Lazy Daisy (fly stitch).... quote: with the skilful use of good designs, colour and surface over whipping, embroidery of originality and beauty can be achieved.

There are diagrams for blanket stitch, chain, closed feather, spine, double feather and wheatear stitch. This book is wonderful.

If you look at a pattern in the book, when it is stitched it looks like paisley fabric design...... one of my favourites as you all know.

I think there is some of these books on Amazon so have a look, it is a charming book and I believe beautiful patterns can be achieved.

Anyway I am off to have a little practice and will let you know the results.....

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching......

I can thoroughly recommend this book if you see one to purchase.


  1. This looks a fabulous book!
    I'm amused to note it is published by Mills and Boon who we associate with a different genre altogether!!

  2. Gill
    I know! It is strange!
    Very good book though....