Tuesday 4 March 2014

New Sampler ... Autumnal

Good Morning all

Well yesterday went well on my new sampler for publication.  I managed to write on the saying and I stitched nearly half of of the words.

I decided to stitch that first and then do the applique and other embroidery after.

Normally I get the applique, in position first, but this sampler it is important that the words go first and I position everything else around it properly for my design.

I really am enjoying focusing on this and I have to say that I love Autumn so I enjoy sourcing all those lovely colours that go along with that time of year.  I have two signatures in my work, hearts and buttons so they have to be incorporated within my design.....

This is not written in stone and I add these at the end when I can see the big picture and where the button will look like it's part of it and not an after thought.  I normally have an idea where it will be stitched in place but, for me, it is my last finishing touch....

After this I will be going back to my hare design and then onto a summer picture and then Christmas..... My seasons in stitching are always mixed as if in a blender!!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

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