Saturday 8 March 2014

Vintage cotton spools.... pleased with my find and now stash.

Good morning and happy Saturday!

I hope you are are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoy the bit of sun that is peeking through..

I am not doing any work this weekend and having a whole two days off...

I did however want to show you my little collection of vintage cotton reels that I found, I told you I showed them to my lovely friend and neighbour, several of them are J P Coates and I am so pleased they have a home with me.  They are not stored in a drawer but on display for me to look at!

I am going to use some of the thread in something I have in mind to do for myself but I will never use all.

I am away now to have my breakfast and enjoy our lazy weekend ......

beautiful colours I think you will agree!
I am especially fond of the green and the cream!
stunning and not to be shut in a drawer.....

Happy Weekend......

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