Thursday 20 March 2014

French General fabrics..... The best that new can get.

Good morning all

When working on my designs and picturing in my head what I would like the finished product to look like, I always go through the fabrics that I have and if I do not have them, what I need to purchase.

I adore vintage fabrics, as you know, but sometimes it is not always possible to use them.  If I am putting a pin cushion in a vintage kilner jar for example, then it would be fool hardy to use such delicate fabrics.  They could not take constant use of pins and needles in and out of the fabric.

So my choice is always French general fabrics.  The designs are stunning and so are the colours.  Kaari Meng who is responsible for the designs and the name is such a talented woman.  The designs are vintage in many cases and capture past times beautifully.

I adore her work and have a few of her books which give such inspiration and show great use of colour ways.

If you have never seen any of her fabrics, give it a quick google and up they all pop.  It can while away hours, so be warned!!

Today is one of those days that I have to look at my French general stash for some fabric on a design, I have to say I enjoy it thoroughly so I am away to my stashes with a smile on my face......

Have a great day stitching!

Kaari Meng ... founder of French General.

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