Saturday 1 March 2014

Scandinavian style stitching.... My new designs in progress!

Happy Saturday!

Good morning all.  Well this weekend (tomorrow infact) it is my mums Birthday and a special one, so there will be no sewing for me.  It will be all about her :))

Today however I am finishing a sketch based on Scandinavian designs.  Their designs are more ornate some how and I love their embroidery.  It all seems to be more simple stitches but together it makes such an amazing picture to look at. Their embroidery is more balanced and equal, it is truly beautiful.

I will be doing my design for a picture but with slightly muted colours I think.

I am really very busy at the moment and feel like a juggler but all of my designs take time and I will have to pick up and put down in order of importance or deadlines....

Dear readers I am not complaining, I love what I do and if the ideas in my head dried up then it would be bad, not that seems to happen luckily ! I wake up some mornings actually thinking about stitching...

I found Scandinavian style embroidery for you to look at, I hope you like it....

Have a wonderful  weekend.....

Happy stitching....


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