Tuesday 18 March 2014

Vintage fabric bundles..... found at textile fair

Good morning...

With lots of stitching to do for publication and some for selling I am a very busy bee at the moment, and it is how I like it.

I bought some vintage fabric bundles back in February and will be using some of it in my Summer/Sea sampler......

I wish I had more drawer space because I would dearly love to have drawers for different colours, but alas it is not possible.  I really should not complain as I am lucky enough to have a room dedicated to my work and stitching room, plus I work from home, so I am very lucky.  The thing is some of my fabrics seem to be in organised chaos !

Never mind I am going to pop these lovely's away after being washed and pressed and dream of what they might become.

I am away to do that now and then to pick up my sewing........ Bliss !

Whatever you are doing today, enjoy yourself.

Happy Stitching......

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