Monday 3 March 2014

New Sampler design

Good morning

I am working on a new sampler design today, this is not to go out to sell ( and no dear reader it is not for me either!) it is for publication....

I have spent some time designing this and I feel finally it can be started.

What makes a sampler? well tradition states it is a sample of works, for example letters and numbers and sayings.  Then samplers became more pictorial.  It was just to practise your skills with a needle and thread to be more accomplished at stitching and embroidery.  So my design is more pictorial but with a saying, apposed to an ABC.

I have had such fun designing this piece and it reminded me of when I did the little house sampler for the last competition I ran...

This will be a template basically for others to stitch or to give them an idea how it is done and to design their own sampler for their home or as a gift.  I enjoy incorporating applique in my sampler designs and feel it gives a little more, if you will, to the finished picture.

Anyone who is thinking of doing a picture for themselves, I would advise to sketch it first, because you can see if things need to be added or taken away.  You do not have to be Picasso to draw what you see in your minds eye as to how it will look, but you need to know where to position things.

So without further a to do I must away to start this piece as there is a slight deadline on it...... eek!

Have a wonderful day today and Happy Stitching!

A vintage embroidered sampler.

stitching away feeds my soul and makes my day!

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