Thursday 20 July 2017

Walk a creative journey if you can, its so good for the soul.

When we walk a creative journey, our slow stitching
path may not always be straight but being present during
our process, will take us to amazing places.

Lorn Lee Chambers.

The above is so true, the creative creature in me loves to be thinking of new ideas and things to stitch, for me it is part of my soul and if I could not be creative with my time then I think I would not be me. I am so lucky that I do it daily and do not have to go to another job, I do count myself so lucky that
my husband gets it and gets me.

Of course it is not the route to take to be a millionaire but hey its the route to our happiness and I am lucky that my husband goes to the salt mines ( as we call it) and that enables the holidays and the extras .... 

Stitching, reading, nature and flowers along with walks along the beach looking for sea glass and shells and watching the seagulls and yes a fox the other night playing in the surf this is all part of how I get my creative juices flowing to be able to design and think of ways to stitch and create. Nature especially with plants and of course some of the little animals that visit.  I am hoping that when we do get to move to our forever home that a hare or three might come visiting that would make my year! 

I have been thinking about going to look at a new camera and micro lens  as you all know, and the more I think about it the more I believe it would be great for my work.  My husband and I have talked about it and now I am thinking it is time to go looking.  I do not want it to be to complicated I just want it to take great close shots for the details of things and have a zoom lens so that shy retiring creatures ( woodpeckers, I live in hope clearly) can have their own space and distance from me but I can see each and every feather on them to be able to study them.  Flowers would be amazing and its something that I really love doing, is taking photos. My mother in law in a email to me had read my blog and came back and said that if the woodpecker had a red head ( and it did) then it is a boy! so now boy names are being thought about should he return.  Also she said they adore desiccated coconut so I have purchased some of that to pop out at the weekend and we will live in hope.

It would be a great work tool and also when we go on holiday then I could take some  great photos
when we go back to America next year because the seals that are just bobbing in the water and also whale watching well I think it would be a good purchase and not one of those things that we would play with for a little while and then leave in a cupboard.  So a looking we shall go.

In my sewing room I have a large antique glass jar and this is where I house lots of my vintage ribbons on spools I have some beauties and occasionally I like to tip out the jar and make sure they are all OK and not dusty or been munched and yesterday I did just that.  I get a little distracted, I can not help myself.  Pushing my memory banks to where and when and from whom I bought them.  There are a few that are my absolute favourites and in a cluster they are divine.  Two light blue ones with a pink and chocolate.  Two are silk and one is velvet and the very very light blue one has another element to it and I can not make it out but it was bought from Donna Flower and I know all about it because she knows I love to know, where vintage stitchery items are concerned I am a sponge.  The two blue ones I am talking about is pictured above.  I have had them a while and they are both now in a work basket to finish of a sampler that I started a while back but it needed something and I could not for the life of me decide what.... these are the what!!

When it is completed It can be photographed and offered up to the magazine in America.  Then people can make for themselves with whatever fabrics etc they would like.  It is the best way because by the time these pictures are completed and the hours of slow stitching go into them and the framing of them well the price is not cheap.  Hand made is really, in my opinion, so much better than a printed picture of which there are thousands but those are much much cheaper to purchase.  This way with people getting there own buttons, threads and fabrics and doing the long hours of work themselves or indeed using the idea to make a smaller and less detailed one, they can cut their costs and I get to keep the original.

I am lucky enough to have some originals from other makers and one of my favourites is the talented
Simone of Ayres & Graces.  I have a hare she made and she sits on my bed as most of you will know. She was not cheap (and should not be in my opinion she was priced right when I was told the hours that went into her making!) at all but worth every single penny because the hours and hours that went into to making her and she is jointed and all the vintage fabrics and thread involved, to me, was worth every penny.  I then have a piece made by this lady who, like me, adores animals and it shows in her gorgeous nature along with her work......

Well that is it for me today and I will be back here tomorrow.  I am off to my stitching as I have so much to do.  Also it is lunch day with my mum as well so my day is in two part....

Have a fabulous day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love using my camera, and boy am I glad its digital now. I was always interested in photography as a child but you had to pay for films to be developed or learn to develop yourself which I certainly wouldn't have been allowed to. As soon as a digital cameras were available the world was my oyster, back to my one of my other favourite hobbies, that and needlework. I did have a self-developing cameras back in the day too but even the film for them were expensive. They say things come to those who wait...... I now get to do both of my favourite hobbies now.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      How lovely and you are right about the cost of the developing of photos it is fabulous that is is now digital. I have an app on my phone though that I can choose photos to actually be sent through the post as actual picture snap which I do occasionally as I want to keep them in a scrapbook.

      The choices we have now are fabulous and as you say we get to do both our hobbies as well.

      Sarah xxxxxx