Thursday 6 July 2017

Surrounded by the most gorgeous pieces of quilt !

We should have nothing in our houses, 
which we did not either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 

William Morris
 The Beauty of Life lecture, 1880

I believe in the above with a passion, I think quilts are useful for warmth along with beauty and therefore in my eyes, one can never have enough!

When quilts have sadly seen the best of their days and they are mostly ripped and torn well salvage can happen and that is when people like me can buy little pieces of delicious history and we also get to see quilt patterns and fabrics that we would not have seen other wise as well.  When some of the people that I have bought pieces of quilts from are talking to me about the state of the quilt that they had to cut apart to at least give some new life and pre-owned joy to someone else, I hear the great stories of layers of fabrics that have been uncovered that other wise would never have been seen and it holds such fascination for me as does all history and fabric.

Tiny hexagons of fabric all stitched together to make a
gorgeous bu random pattern or indeed symmetrical patterns too. I have noticed that over 100 years ago on the quilts in log cabin design are not exactly measured and just so which in my eyes makes them even more appealing.  Now do not get me wrong precise stitching has its place but the beauty to me lays in the odd and random pieces of fabrics put together and made to be imperfectly perfect!

This photo on the left above is one example of a stunning piece of quilt in log cabin style and I have three of these panels in different colour ways and fabrics.

Then at The Summer Brocante I picked up this from Clare of Lou Lou Retro and this really is the most beautiful little off square of fabric I had seen and it will stay as one piece with a twist to it being stitched on by me and be shown off again once more. These were some of the bits that I found on the right.

This next piece in particular caught my eye in a bundle of gorgeous pieces.  It is only tiny but it was love at first sight and I could imagine all sorts of things being stitched on it.  Only simple things so that it does not take anything away from its natural beauty.

As you can see it is not straight as in perfect lines as far as quilters of today would want it to be but boy to me this has so much more about it...

I am sat here in my sewing room/office and with my cup of coffee and looking out at the birds having their breakfast and morning drink as well it is such a beautiful sight when all manner of species can rub along together.  The robin, crows, magpies, tits and a tiny baby squirrel and a baby pigeon as well as a bunch of rather noisy starlings who are making themselves known.

Sitting in my very comfy old chair watching the day begin to unfold is my favourite time, the window
is wide open already and the world is still peaceful.  My favourite chair has a quilt over it (shocker) and a quilted rabbit cushion and I can curl in it happily and sip my drink and watch nature all day.  Alas time to get on so I will leave you now with a picture of my chair and hope that you all have the most lovely day too.  As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. There is something about quilts, old and modern. Old the stories they can tell, the beautiful faded fabrics, the modern they stories they will tell, the bright fabrics. The quilts I made my grandchildren, one day may tell the story of how they were played on and the tents they were made into, then as the owner grows, the stories of school and universities and later lives.

    1. That Julie is the most wondrous explanation of quilts I have ever heard! Simply beautiful
      Thank you!

      Sarah xx

    2. I made my grandchildren their quilts to be used

      Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Indeed! .. as it should be Julie.

  3. I love the wonky old quilts best as well but if I make something a bit wonky myself I'm not happy about it! I always say that whatever I make usually has some little imperfections just like the person who made it!
    I hate having to make precise measurements and even when I think I have been precise it turns out a bit wonky and puzzles me. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.
    I must try to go treasure hunting soon. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Wonky is good in my book and it adds a little bit of the person to it. A secret now well not for long but I always do a stitch wrong or something on a piece of work. You have to look for it but I believe it brings good luck, silly? maybe but there it is .....

      Treasure hunting is a must to do past time. I really hope to see you at a fair this year after not being able to make it last year with Mum.

      Sarah xxx

  4. I share Dawns sentiments. Being precise when quilting is, for me, never going to happen. No matter how hard I try!! Luckily I like quirks. They give humanity to something. Your quilt purchases are gorgeous! Love, Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo

      It was once said of one of Delia Smiths recipes 'life is too short to stuff peppers' now I do not mind doing it if that is what I would like to do for dinner and its the same with quilting I believe the quirks to be part of it .... I know of quilters who are so precise and actually have some lovely talented friends like that but for me I try my very best at everything I do and that is always good enough for me.

      Sometimes it works really well and other times well its quirky!

      Lets start the Quirky but gorgeous club!!

      Sarah xxxx