Monday 10 July 2017

Glorious weather to design and stitch.

Smell the sea and feel the sky
let your soul and spirit fly.

This summer is going down as one of my best it is beautiful.  The garden is looking truly pretty and
all the planting out of the cottage garden flowers has paid off with butterflies and bees everywhere and of course the lovely birds.  I have seen a bit more of Miss Muddy Beak of late I think her young have flown the nest as she seems to have a lot more time now.  She sits in our pear tree and her sweet singing is back, she did not have time for that it seems to me since May!

We are not too far from the sea at all and sometimes if the sea is rough we can lay in bed and hear the waves crash against the shore line.  You can smell the sea from our garden when there is a gentle breeze and when every crazy person who bakes themselves in the hot part of the day has gone home nursing their red bits, my husband and I walk down there with our chairs and a cool bag with cheese and biscuits for our supper and a bottle of very cold wine.  Take off our flip flops and bury our feet in the sand, watching the sun set.  Then a paddle before coming home.  This is what we are going to do tonight .... Its a little cooler today at 22 degrees as last Thursday it hit 30 degrees in our garden!

I am about to embark today on the first slow stitches of my Summer sampler and I am very excited
about it.  I have cut out all the little bits of fabric very early this morning and threaded some needles.  My project basket is ready to travel and today I am going to sit outside and spread my sewing out on the table and sit under the umbrella.  I have planned to have my lunch out there and then I will come in after that and stitch in my sewing room as the sun is full on then and it peaks under the umbrella and I can not see my work...

I have added a little bee hive into my design and it will be the last thing I pencil in and stitch just to check it will look ok in this sampler of mine.  I have devised all sorts of ways to slow stitch little foxgloves and cornflowers and grasses along with the bee saying that I showed you on here last week.

I have picked out some great little pieces of scrap fabrics for other flowers and will add hand embroidery to those too.

In addition to all the above I got over excited about the Winter Star wall quilt that is to be a winter project for me and sorted out some fabrics to iron so that I can draw around the templates and of an evening whilst waiting for my husband to come home from work I can sit and cut some out and start
a basket of those going so that it will be great to just start stitching around them on the paper templates. Trying to cut all of what is needed before the dark days of Winter descend on us at the beginning of January.

There has been so much fabric to choose from in my sewing room stash and I had great fun looking all through some really stunning pieces of antique eiderdown fabrics and pre loved paisleys in there timeworn state ... which appeals to me greatly.

My sister and I take my Mum out once a week for lunch to a pub and we are trying to think of somewhere to go this week.  Last week was near Bransgore and the week before we went to the Plantation  pub and sat in tepees in the garden it was amazing ...mind I think my sister and I thought it more of a hoot than our Mum! So whilst stitching and watching the wildlife today I will give thought to that one as well.

So think of me later pressing some really lovely fabrics and drawing around my hexagon and diamond templates and making a start on my winter project basket ready to just grab when the excitement of Christmas is over, we have seen in the New Year and my darling friend Jo has returned to Australia again... January is when my Daddy died too so it is sad old month for me ... but this basket will lift the blues. However it is summer and a really good one this year so stitchery calls me!

Well that is it for today I have my day set out so I know what I am up to.  Having done an hour of house work first because I have to clear my mind of clutter or mess first and then I am happy sat stitching.

Have a wonderful day and I will see you all back here tomorrow if you would like to join me and my vintage ramblings.

Happy Stitching! XX

My Garden of flowers is also
my garden of dreams...


  1. That sounds wonderful, paddling in the sea and watching the sun setting

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. It is Julie it is a perfect end to a long busy day.

  2. How lovely to be so close to the sea, we feel lucky to be only 30 minutes away from Weymouth and Lyme. Will your forever home need to be by the sea?

    1. Hi Dawn
      Our forever home needs to be firmly in the country but only 30/45 mins from Lyme probably so we will live fairly close to you in miles ..
      truly can not wait.
      We enjoy the sea but traveling to it will be a treat. To be honest although we are near now we do not go very often because of the crowds.
      Sarah xxx

  3. You're my coffee time treat, before doing my house work, with my stitching as a reward after that! Lovely to hear your daily chatter x

    1. Hello Sue

      How lovely thank you! It's nice to think of a virtual coffee morning and I am so pleased that you enjoy my ramblings. Thank you for your kind words and feedback. It makes me feel it's so worth while 😘

      Sarah xx

  4. How lovely, to walk to the beach - we are a twenty minute drive sadly. However, I admit to preferring it off season. A beach walk in winter is delightful and more often than not, bracing!! Well up her in Scotland it's been a lovely summer, but it is now cooler and cloudy, so no sunshine for a few days. Our top temp lately has been around 18. We may need to move South!!! Hope you had a lovely day Sarah. Love, Mo xx

  5. Hi Mo
    We have been very lucky with our weather this year high 20's and I have tried not to be terribly British and complain about the heat! Just enjoy it.
    We have the beach right here but we are always in a car going into the country side lol

    Hope you are well and that you have found some time to stitch.

    Sarah xxxx