Friday 21 July 2017

Let your work speak for itself! ... my mantra!

Develop your slow stitching skills
to create work that is the culmination
of your vision.  Truly unique and based on your 
involvement in life.  For each and every moment
you spend living contributes to each and every
creative endeavour you engage in.

Paul Buregar.

I was asked about how I come up with my ideas and really this is going to sound rather strange but it just pops into my head.  I see a button and whole picture is made from that.  The button is not normally the round plain type all be it mother of pearl one, but indeed but one I have purchased that is a carved very old mother of pearl button and from that tiny thing comes ideas dancing around in my head.

Walking around the garden or in the forest or even the beach can give me an idea as well and I have always said keep a little note book and pen with you to jot down and idea and you can do a little doodle as well, that only you may understand on the paper but from that grows a full idea.  From little acorns and all that!

In addition I sometimes stitch part of what ever I am working on and then leave it for a while because I can not decide if I should stitch something that I have in my design.  I hate unpicking anyway (reminds me of school needlework!! and you all know how I liked that NOT) but also it is because unpicking on delicate vintage fabrics is not good so I would rather walk away for a few days and start something else and then go back and look at it with a fresh eye.  It really does work I promise.  This does involve having several pieces on the go at once but who doesn't have that right?  Its like books I read I may have at least two on the go depending what I feel like reading..... Murder mystery or maybe something a bit more girly in its plot and words.  I can always remember where I was on something and pick it up and carry on.. There is one exception to the rule though with my reading, if it is the new Kate Morton then I do not put it down until it is read she has a way of describing things that when I read her book I am there in the room she is writing about and an observer of what is going on and being said and my world has been completely closed off and I can not even hear
someone speak to me ... its like a trance.  Sorry I digress!

I picked up a new journal in Bath when I was there and although I make some for me if I see one I love then I will purchase it and this one hit the spot.  Not only because of the picture on the front but that it had good quality plain paper inside to jot notes and doodle a design as well.  This is my new take with me book for what I have been talking about with you. Picture above.

My journals used to be so messy but I try and keep them better inside now as I take a little rough note pad in my handbag for ideas on the go and then think about what I have jotted down and put it in my design journal with a little more clarity.. Both come with me but sometimes when you are on a beach or indeed in the country side a tiny note pad balanced on one knee is enough to deal with.  Then on
the go and sat having a coffee somewhere I can transfer my ideas and notes to a more legible state.

You will be pleased to know I am still cutting a few diamonds and hexagons out daily it is my first job of the day usually and Project Winter Star is getting closer to having all the materials to just stitch come Jan/Feb months ... I am looking forward to stitching it but not wishing this glorious summer away just yet.  I know however that those horrid dark months will be filled with some joy.
 January also is when my gorgeous friend Jo goes back to Australia after her visit so I get a bit morose because we have to wait 2 years for the next one... this project will help kill the blues! in addition I believe the new Kate Morton book will be out in time for Christmas so that will be saved for then too, when the eyes can not take anymore stitching in the day....

Well that is it for today with my ramblings I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you get some creative time in for yourself. I will be back here on Monday and I hope that you will all join me here then.  As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. That's how I work too...... I see something and an idea pops into my head - best way I think, or if I see something in a book I think well if I do it this way or that way it will be "my idea"

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. I is such a lovely way to work, designing your own work I think. I am very lucky that I do what I do for a job and get paid for it ... count my blessings all the time.

      Sarah xxxxx