Tuesday 18 July 2017

Happiest of stitching days!

We can let others convince us to rush or
we can choose to live in the moment
connected with our stitching and the past.
Even if it is only a few minutes a day.

Kit Dunsmore.

This is what I love about hand stitchery you can become one with it.  I have to say I am not keen on machine embroidery it looks too manufactured for my taste but that is my taste others love it.  I think the machine free motion embroidery is good but still would prefer to do it by hand.  My Grandad used to say of me" darling your were born too late! " As a child I was always always more interested in the old ways of things and I believe he was correct.

Swirls of words in patterns is something I have been playing with on paper and I think that might make a beautiful picture or wall hanging.  You may have guessed I love words and quotes and sayings, I am always looking or reading for more and with some beautiful very old poetry books I have been using the words of Shelley and Byron and of course Mr Shakespeare!!

Words have always been powerful and some are beautiful and thought provoking so sometimes it is all you need in a picture with little swirls of them to make people look at it and their head go side to side to read it ... it certainly is a talking point!

One of the swirls that is in my design journal has these words and I loved them.

Develop your slow stitching skills to create work that is the 
culmination of your vision.  Truly unique and based on your 
involvement in life.  For each and every moment you spend living
contributes to each and every creative endeavour you engage in.

Paul Buregar.

I have to report I have not seen the Woodpecker again and I have got all sorts of things they like including fruit as well.  There is a veritable smorgasbord board and basically the gulls come and clear it up of an evening which is good but daily I am trying to entice it back.....  I think one day I will just be sat in the garden and it will appear.  This weather is just right for sitting outside and sewing whilst playing the wildlife game!

Vintage fairs are on my mind and I am going to be doing a blog on dates for August and so if you know of any and would like them mentioned on here then please let me now very soon, I know of three and I am going all of those I am pleased and happy to say but if you know of some get in touch.

I am really happy stitching my Summer sampler with bees and the words that I have chosen for that really make me happy and smile.  I am loving playing with stitches for different cottage garden type flower and it is a real joy to get it out daily from its project basket and carry on with it whilst I ponder.

When I was sorting out my sewing room and getting things put away there was one little box that I
just put into the wardrobe and thought I will sort that another day and that day came this morning and to my joy I found more of the ceramic Debbie Mumm magnetic needle holders and am so very pleased this means I have ten now as I have four of the pin cushion ones.

I have one each of the moon & stars, bee hive, Noahs Ark, flying heart, teapot, and the violets one at the bottom and the four pin cushions so I have enough when I take courses for people to use whilst there with me.

They are not only really useful but they are so very beautiful as well ... at the moment I am using the heart and the teapot .... I keep changing them around and it makes me smile.  So that was my last little box to sort and what treasure I found.

I believe now I am sorted in here (my stitchery room) and I even have some empty drawers, soon to be filled no doubt but it is a lovely feeling when you know where everything is ... ish and that you can just go to and find what is needed.

Anyway that is it for me today and I hope what ever you are up to today it is a happy day for you. Tomorrow is my design day so I will be back here on Thursday.  We have, I think sorted out our holiday this year so more about that in a few days when it is finalised.  Its an exciting trip and much needed.

As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Do you have seagulls in the garden too? I always have the seagulls in the garden first! There is always one on the house roof at the bottom of the garden on look out for food, and sqwarks very loudly as if to say forget putting the washing out feed me and my friends!

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Yes we get seagulls but not always, as we are very near the sea that is strange.
      They do not like domestic bird food it seems.
      They wait to see if perhaps something else might be on offer.
      With the sea and beach they have rich pickings from beach goers and sea life I think.

      Sarah xxxxx