Friday 14 July 2017

A delicious day of hand stitching!

Slow stitching means setting aside
time to find myself somewhere
in the thread and spread myself
out on a piece of fabric.

Kelly Martinez

It is that kind of day today a really lovely all day ahead of me slow stitching day where I can stitch and ponder, delicious!

I love having a day where I only have one thing to think about as it were not stitching then off to do this and back etc no today is a full stitching marathon and I am looking forward to it so much with lots of happy thoughts buzzing around my head whilst creating.

This morning before writing my blog I threaded lots of needles so I could have a uninterrupted hour or so of no threading and I have laid it all out to begin.

The weather is still gorgeous and I have my basket ready to go be it inside in my stitchery room with the window flung open wide watching the wildlife or indeed outside on the table, it depends on the breeze. as you know chasing little bits of appliqué fabric around the garden is not my favourite hobby although it does amuse the robin!

Talking very quickly about wild life we had a visitor the other day in our garden that we have never seen there before, a woodpecker!  I could not believe it.  They are not very big either but the colours
were gorgeous.  He was having a drink then eating meal worms ... I looked it up and they love to eat insects so we were thinking that under our holly bush we put lots of old logs and dirt for insects to mooch around in and that is what has attracted Mr Woodpecker!! It seems it could be  l his local restaurant now...

So I am hoping today he will return and I can maybe get a picture, they are very shy creatures so it is not easy but I live in hope that if I stitch in the garden quietly he may come back and he will get used to me being there. It would be too easy to call him Woody so I am going to think of a name for this regal fella! or it might be a girl ... hmmm any ideas?

This morning early I sorted out some more gorgeous fabrics that I would like in my Winter Star wall hanging and so later in the day I will cut out some more hexagons and diamonds.  If I choose three fabrics daily it will soon be all ready and waiting for me later in the year.  I fancy one evening later this summer getting the fire basket going and starting a little sewing whilst waiting for my husband to get home from work on a cooler evening ....

I have to get out one of my large clear boxes in a stack, its the third one down and so that might be at the weekend loving rummaging through this box because it has lace, monograms vintage
embroidered linens, the most gorgeous tiny weeny vintage crochet buttons and all sorts of goodies in there ... this is not just for pure pleasure ( although it does come into it) but because there are some bits in there that I need to put in to two of my project baskets.  I had tied a note to myself on each basket so I want to get them in before I use the bits on something else which would be a disaster!

Time when doing something like that just ticks on by and I just keep looking and remembering where I purchased it and who from if it was a fair.  It is like letting a child into a candy store to be totally honest. One of the things I need to get are in fact the crochet buttons for the Autumn Sampler I need to check how many I have and how many I believe I need ... If there is some left over they might go on the Summer Sampler too ...

The above antique trade card for cotton is in a project basket and is going to be part of a mixed media project with the butterflies.  I adore this little card and need it to be framed to keep it safe and enjoyed.  This will be a keeper for me but I will be showing people what they can do with things like this in the future.  I love butterflies and that it has a connection to stitching as well makes this even more special to me.   I have also photocopied it onto fabric several times so that I might use the
image on other things in the future, because once it is behind glass that is where it will stay in my life time...

I have a few of these sorts of trade cards and a whole series with children dangling cotton to play with animals, some are pictured on my home page here at the top.  I have photo copied those onto fabric as well and they need to be framed but the one above, there is going to be more to it than that.

So as you can see I have my work cut out for me over several weeks so that is it for my vintage stitchery ramblings today because I need a good start on all this stitching with some deadlines to meet too.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing; today is a Birthday for a family member as well so its really is a special day....

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Have a wonderful day stitching, and happy birthday to the family member

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I hope your stitching day went well. As you know I am struggling to fit that in at the moment and I do so understand the sentiment in the quote of the day. That said, I am in the process of knitting a land army jumper (mum is knitting the socks) as one of my outfits for Goodwood Revival this year. However, that doesn't really require creativity on my part, but it is lovely to sit and do. Have a lovely weekend, Mo xxx

  3. Enjoy your day Sarah, sounds lovely. How about calling your Woodpecker Professor Yaffle, he was in Bagpuss, Augustus Barclay Yaffle. Love Bagpuss x