Thursday 13 July 2017

Stitching * Garden * Books *

If you have a garden and
a library you have everything
you need.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

That quote above made me laugh when I read it because it could have been written by my Father in law, although he would have added fresh baked bread, cheese and jam to that! but partly its true of me I love books and sitting in the garden reading whether it is a great novel or indeed a stitchery

book, maybe a antique embroidery book.  My add would be a project basket filled with glorious treasures to stitch and create with.

Still holding my breathe over this summer we are experiencing and being able to be sat outside for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days.  Last year we did not get our wooden table and chairs out it was so bad.  We have a plastic one that is out in the winter months ( rain does not hurt it you see) and if it is a cold but sunny day we will wrap up and still go out and sit but last summer (she says with tongue in cheek) the weather was dreadful so it didn't happen.

Anyway I have sorted several project baskets ready for the off and have an ongoing project basket being filled daily, The Winter Star basket, and cutting several hexagons and diamonds daily, it is growing and with a large white cotton reel of white cotton and a needle in it already threaded I feel it is getting somewhere.  In addition to that the pre cut diamond and hexagon papers have arrived and
they have been added to the basket in two plastic boxes ... I am getting ready for the hibernation months clearly!

I have cut out two pieces of vintage linen to the size of two rather gorgeous frames I bought at a vintage fair and I am going to frame the finished samplers in those.  So I thought cut out the correct size and arrange my designs accordingly saves any tears if they will not fit later after all the stitching is finished.  Also I bought this gorgeous large piece of vintage paisley and thought you may like to see my latest treasure! I bought it from Clare of Daisy Darling and I am thrilled with it ... Looked at and now folded gently and in the paisley drawer .. Until needed and away from the munchers!

This morning already I have sorted through a little basket of snippets of fabric and cut out a few hearts, saved some strands of fabric that can be used and deliberated over why oh why I thought this piece might be of use! I know I have an adversity to throwing out bits of precious vintage fabric but really! I made myself laugh out loud to this even mice would give it back to me I believe. So with a heavy heart and some resolution  I ...... put it in the garden on our pear tree to see if any birds wanted to re decorate their nest!

I imagine Miss Muddy Beak sorting it all out and having some vintage paisley twirling around the perimeter, Its the Beatrix Potter in me!

Catching up with all that I have to do after months of not doing much has not been easy and of course I still go visit my Mum, although when I or my sister are not with her she is cared for and fed and not wandering the streets which is a weight off our minds truly.  When we are not with her she joins in but as soon as we walk through the door she is between us holding our hands and smiling ...
Today is the day we take her for some lunch so I have a long lunch break ( 3 hours actually)  It is lovely spending time with her and watching her smile.  She always tells everyone who she can 'these are MY Girls' .... makes us grin too.

So today I am going to really get my head down and stitch for a few hours and tomorrow it is all day and not moving unless to refill my drink and get a sandwich at lunch time day.  My husband works from home on a Friday so we take turns in getting drinks through out the day but I am the lunch maker.

My project baskets are filling and I am not counting my Winter project so it is hi ho its of to stitch I go!

I hope you all have a great day and I will be back here on Friday morning bright and early.  Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!


  1. May I join you with all day stitching....?

    Julie xxxx

    1. That would be fabulous! ... warm
      Drink at the ready and needles threaded.

      Sarah xxx

  2. I have a lovely image of a beautiful nest with your lovely little offering woven through it. How delightful! Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo! A nest somewhere around here has very old Paisley threads! In creams and pinks!
      Sarah xxx