Friday 28 July 2017

Adding to a stitchery story!

I am reminded that every day I have the 
chance to pick up a needle and some thread
and add to the story.  To stitch together 
something beautiful and unique, to patch
a scrap of fabric to my own designs and a 
story of my making .......

I am so very lucky as I keep telling you all that I work from home.  On gorgeous days I get to sit in the garden at our table and chairs and watch the wildlife about their busy day whilst stitching and
thinking about what to stitch next.  On days like today where it is not so nice I am able to stay at home and stitch in my sewing room looking out in the garden with the soft pat of rain on the window. Sat in my favourite chair with the little lamp on and candle going with gorgeous scents ... yes I am reminded that every day, I have the chance to pick up a needle and thread and add to my story.

Time is flying past and I can not believe that  August is just around the corner, we generally put our wooden furniture away at the end of that month and it only just seems that we have got it out!! Which in fact was in May so where has this gorgeous Summer gone, before we know it, it will be Autumn.  Now do not get me wrong Autumn is my favourite season but still I feel the world has to slow down a bit and take a leaf out of the book of slow stitching!!!

Yesterday I was sketching on some very old french papers, well they are letters and documents actually but when you sketch on them and then paint a wash over them ( very basic not complicated) then mixed with fabrics it can look great.  I love my hair picture that I did and it hangs on my armoire in my sewing room at the moment whilst I sort out the pattern for it ...It is a pleasing thing to the eye for me and of course being a hare! well I do not need to say more but I have been experimenting with other pictures too in the old vintage glass frames I enjoy making unique things for those.

I made a cat for a friend and a mouse for another both of whom have now framed them.  The cat went to Missouri in America to live and the Mouse went to Canada to live both of which are very good friends of mine.  We have never met in person which is a shame but we all write to one another and I have been on face time as well.  It is lovely to think some of my art has gone to live across the pond and that it is treasured.  I added my hare to fabric and it is a piece of patchwork with vintage linen in the middle of it.

As you can see there are patches as well and old scraps of vintage fabric tied on it, because I will not through away my scraps as you know and I think it adds a certain charm to this piece.... and I am still thinking of adding the signature button!

I have designed and made several pieces with fabric and paper and some with just paper as well.  I have a delicious drawer full of old papers and envelopes all ready to create with and would like to make some more pieces.  Sewing on to old envelopes and papers is really a beautiful way to display empherma.  One envelope I have with the actual letter inside ( so a piece of paper written on as a letter and then folded into an envelope) is dated 1792 and it is a real treasure and protected here.  It is at the moment in another envelope and in a drawer but it has to be displayed some how... it is a keeper for me but I would prefer to make some mixed media art with it and have it looked at daily than sat in  the dark drawer.  The picture right is of another piece of old letter writing and would look great in a form of something else like the hare above......

Well that is it for today and of course it is the weekend now so I will be back here bright and early on Monday morning as our friend is not coming now for two weeks.  I cleared everything down for the visit and rescheduled some things so now I find next week I have a delicious few days with nothing to do but stitch ... Oh bliss bliss bliss!

I am looking forward to getting to some vintage fairs, I feel it has been forever since the last one.  My diary has been filled out and I know where I am off too.  With my still very tidy sewing room I am happy with the empty drawers for any further treasure I may find on my August travels and I am so excited about meeting up with some great friends at the Toddington fair! plus a little light evening of fun and laughter!

Have a wonderful weekend and as always Happy Stitching! XX

There is now a P.S on here as I have been asked by Julie do I have photos of the cat I made for Donna in Missouri and the mouse I made for Bekah in Canada ... so here they are:

This is Bekah's Mouse ...

This is Donna's Cat.

Both were made by me for my gorgeous friends and the backgrounds are what they were snapped on for photo's .. they have both framed them now.  It would have been nearly impossible to frame here and hope that the glass travelled safely ....


  1. Love the little picture you made. It there a picture of the cat and mouse?

    Julie xxxx

  2. Hi Julie

    Yes I have photos of the mouse and Cat I will load them on here in a while for you to see.
    Thank you glad you like my hare I am rather fond of him.

    Sarah xxxxx

  3. Oh, those pictures are pretty

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie. I had fun making them for my friends as they had seen my hare one for me. I am so thrilled they are safely in their new homes...

      Sarah xxxx

  4. These are so sweet. I always feel inspired by your posts!! Xxxx