Thursday 1 December 2016

Show & Tell from Cowslip ....

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire and Christmas treat.

Can you believe it is the first of December today?  where has this year gone?  Well finally I have got around to showing you the treasure that I bought at the Cowslip Christmas fair!!  Its been such a hard few weeks here but finally I got around to photographing the bits.

Well has you know the fair was two weeks ago and it was a really lovely event in such a stunning place, all be it we were hampered with rain and wind it did nothing to dampen our spirits I can tell
you.  Cowslip is a working farm and yes there is mud, where the correct foot gear and you are fine.

Well firstly let me show you what I managed to buy for The Sea Garden and the lovely Christine.  Her stall as you saw a few weeks ago was brimming with goodies and all of the vintage variety.  Its my one weakness!!! ...  

Firstly there is this gorgeous old knitted glove  (above) and Christine had made the Merry Christmas tag on it so this had to come home with me and as you can see as from today it is in pride of place on one side of the fireplace in the lounge.  There is something else the other side but that's another story for another day ... well in a few days anyway.  Then as I was looking around I saw this fabulous inspiration pack and that has a new home now, waiting to be used in the New Year.

Then as I was truffling around on Christine's stall I found a beautiful piece of vintage ribbon along with this stunning piece of lace ribbon as well.  Tucked down the side was the most beautiful Christmas Card and I felt that it would be great in a mixed media piece for next Christmas and I will design around it.  Its one to doodle about in my journal to make a pretty Christmas Sampler and at only 50p how could anyone resist I ask you!


Sue of Vintage to Victorian was there helping the lovely Donna
Flower and I had ordered something from Sue and she had brought it along for me.  Look at these gorgeous Victorian hexagons they are from a quilt that has seen better days and I had asked for  four.  They are small around 3 around may just a tad over but not by much and they are outstanding.  I fell in love with some pictures I saw on Instagram and contacted Sue, we obliged and brought them along with her for me.

Then I bought some things from the Cowslip fabric and quilting shop take a look at the gorgeous
ticking that I bought a length of for a backing of a lap quilt I would like to make or er get Nicki of quilterdown to quilt for me ( she said she would if I did not have the time to get on with it) so possibly I am going to take her up on it.  Then there are the other bits of fabrics as well especially the wool fabric that I would like to do some appliqué with ...  The butterfly fabric I purchase a fat quarter of so that I could cut some out and stitch them to that skirt that I am pimping up .....

Talking of which there were these fat quarters of fabric with labels printed on them and so I picked those up too as I want to play around with skirt and look at different ways to make it my own, when I have decided what look right for me I will stitch it all in place...

Then there was a lady selling different vintage bits and bobs and I brought a beautiful piece of lace as
you can see plus the tea towel with an H monogram for £5 ... I will cut it up for the letter as this is our surname initial as you know and this is particularly pretty I thought.  It will get stitched to something for us, maybe a sampler who knows....

Then there was this little scrap of vintage quilt and I had to bring that home with me as well.  It is all tucked up in a box with other quilt pieces until it is needed.

I bought two packs of the Hexiform hexagons to bring home with me and they are away in a draw ready as well.

The last thing that I bought was some Christmas decorations on is a dog on wheels and the other is goose and that was it apart from some vintage bottles so I think I was very restrained indeed don't you?

Well that is it for the show and tell and I am sorry it took so long to bring it to you.  Tomorrow it is all about the Winter Brocante I went to last Saturday.  It was a bit of a muddle as I thought it was on both Saturday and Sunday but it was Friday and Saturday.  I had thought originally I could do both but one day had to see my Mum ... to my utter horror I found out too late that I could not do this and I had to attend the Winter Brocante because I had made an order from Rosies Armoir and I will not let people down if I can possibly help it ... so I had to for go the Vintage Bazaar and rush to Sussex to get my gorgeous order ( you will see what later in the week)  but for now you can see all the fun of this fabulous fair tomorrow.... You will not be disappointed it.  There were a few celebs there too.  Richard E Grant was there on the Friday apparently and also the Editor of Country Living was attending as well....

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed a little browse of my truffled treasures and so have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. No I cannot believe its 1st December either. (I'm doing an Advent on my blog)
    Seeing your hexies has inspired me and my brain is in a whirl!
    Julie xxxxx

    1. Oh Julie fabulous.. well I am going to read daily ....

      Enjoy your whirl but don't get dizzy!
      Sarah xxxxx