Monday 12 December 2016

Show & Tell from Sarah Moore Christmas Fair.

Christmas Treasures!

Thank you all for your emails and well wishes for my Birthday they were so lovely to read over the weekend.   Well can you believe how quickly this month is going.  With Christmas preparations in full swing in this house with lots of wrapping to do as well and some pre get ahead baking for the freezer it is going to be a very busy week indeed.  How are you all going along with your preparations? I would love to hear if you would like to share.  Any last minute making going on.
I need to marzipan and ice the two Christmas cakes that I made and make up some bedrooms as well.

My husband was very unwell over the weekend so it was a very quiet Birthday and we did not get out but stayed in by the fire.  In addition I did not get to Wisborough Green either for the last of the year vintage fairs run by Love Lane Vintage .... My Mum is progressing down the slope that is Dementia and it has been a hard few days here.  Did you know even with LPA you can not just find a care home for a loved one, they have to ask them and interview them now.  My Mum just says No but she came so close to hurting herself the other day and we are still no further forward in her care.  Carers twice daily only and it seems ludicrous to me.

Well enough about my few days I wanted to share with you the few things that I bought so ...
what did I purchase at the Sarah Moore and friends Christmas Fair.  Actually not lots at all so this is not a huge show and tell.

I bought a gorgeous basket from Liz and Jack of The Washerwoman fame (pictured on the left) so that I can give it as a part of a gift with lots of different bits wrapped up and put inside it.   I also bought some really beautiful vintage Christmas baubles from them as well along with some vintage cotton spools.  I do not know why but at the moment I am drawn very much to greens and beige colour cottons along with reds and these were some (apart from one) that I did not have ... they are great for embroidery (fine and detailed) with flower leaves and trees.

Then Lizzie gave me a little gift of a beautiful button sample card.  It is not complete for if it was I would not cut off the gorgeous buttons, that said because some are missing I am going to cut off the buttons that are left and using them in my designs for next year I think.

I bought these ribbons as well and they were from Nicholas and Steele.  I have a pair of vintage skates and I wanted to lace them up with some of this beautiful ribbon and the rest will be used around some Christmas parcels ... They look so Scandi in their design don't they.  One skate will have one ribbon and another ribbon will be used on another.

In addition I bought another basket that needs some tender loving care but when my husband has finished with it and cleaned it, it will once more be back to its former glory with that great vintage and pre loved look.  It needs a good clean for a start but the handle is strong and has a green detail going across it which is why I thought it would be fabulous when it has had a little clean and slight repair job done on it, and a couple more vintage baubles ... pictured below, which I carried around in this basket whilst I was there!

My last purchase of the day was some old keys and they will be made into some more Santa keys.  I We Believe in this house very much!
made some this year.  One for our Grandson and he loves it so that Santa can get in even if there is no
chimney ever and when some of his friends saw it they wanted one too,,,, I will make some more next year as well for others.  It was so funny because Suzi of Hearts 'N' Kisses had made a few as well, a bit different to mine, she had painted her keys white where as I left them looking big and old but we chatted about how we all have the same sorts of ideas on occasions .... The arty stitchery crowd are all made from the same mould! So you see as they were a hit I thought I would buy some more keys to do the same with next year and of course I wanted one too as
I forgot to take the name of this lovely man who was selling them at Sarah Moore's and was also selling some gorgeous antique tools as well .....

There was a fire pit in the courtyard and chairs and cushions around it for a cosy sit down and the very talented Hector and Fox were there catering.  In the open air on put together open fire there was
a fabulous stew on offer which came with a hunk of bread and butter or a soup which came with the same.  Teas and Coffee were there as I said before and great cakes ... It was such a lovely atmosphere.

On the sewing front I am afraid not a lot has been achieved due to my Mum and Christmas but I do have a last commission to complete for a friend for her great niece and I am going to be finishing this tomorrow, my sister will take over my mum and I am unplugging phones to be able to concentrate fully on it.

I have a basket of stitching for myself that I would like to complete and that is there when I get a few minutes.  My husband has 2 full weeks off over the festive season so he finished this Friday as do I and he goes back to work on the 3rd of January and I on the 9th of January 2017 ... that sounds such a long way away but indeed its not ...  I am hoping with my time off over the Christmas period I will get some stitching time in by the fire and have some things to show you in January ...

Design book time as well..... I will be starting my new design book for next year and I have already got it ready and waiting and looking forward to filling the pages.  I have my new work diary which has some vintage fair dates for next year in it already and appointments and deadlines for next year.

Well that is it for today and I hope to get some stitching done tomorrow, today well its off to my Mum for a few hours and hope that I can stitch there too.  She has a little dog called Roxi and Roxi loves to curl on my lap so stitching can be a little tricky.  Imagine if you will sat there talking to Mum, well getting her to talk about her childhood to me and stitching with little one on my lap.  Suddenly a tiny black wet nose appears up in between me and my stitching just to see how it is going!  It is hilarious ....

Here she is asleep on a chair but she soon makes her way across to the lap where she is all warm and cuddled!

Have a great day everyone and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. The basket looks lovely
    Hope your husband feels better.
    I'm with you on the slippery slope with my dad, so I know exactly what you are going through.
    Don't forget my Advent Calendar on my blog, that'll cheer you up

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Thank you, yes I forget there are others going through all this it is so difficult. Yes I need to catch up on that and I will when I get home I have enjoyed it so far but I have missed it for about 5 days ..
      Thank you for your kind words and your continuing support both for me and the blog.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. I've been there with both my Mum and my Uncle. Unfortunately Uncle refused all forms of help, and eventually I was forced by the social services to move him into a home against his will. You say you have an LPA, I hope you have one for both Welfare, and Finances as you need the two. It's a really distressing time for everyone, so I hope you are getting all the help you need, both emotionally as well as practically. Uncle died on 21 Dec 5 years ago and I miss him very much at this time of year. I love your blogs, very colourful and cheerful, make me smile on this very dull December day. Much love xxx

    1. Hi Sandie

      Yes my Sister and I share LPA of both finance and health that was done months ago thank goodness.

      Its a hard time but we will get there and my Mum loves cuddles now, where before this illness not so much so my Sister and I try and focus on the positives of the situation,

      Thank you for your thoughts and kind words, so pleased you enjoy the blogs too.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Thank you Sarah for another lovely blog. So sorry about hubby not feeling well, must have been the shock of the bill for all those Chanel goodies.
    You know I understand your situation with your mum and my heart goes out to you every time you mention it. Has Roxi found a new home? Such a gorgeous doggie.
    Lots of love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Thank you my hubby is on the mend now and feeling like cake ... a good sign.

      No not a home for Roxi yet but my Mums younger sister and husband said they would foster her whilst we looked for a suitable home, I think she will never leave personally.. Until Mum goes into care she is still with her ( careers all help with Roxi making sure of food and water and walks with Mum)

      Thank you for your kind words and support, it means alot.

      Sarah XX